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Kevin and Brandy

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Dear Friends, Hi, this is Kevin and Brandy. Thank you so much for making such a courageous sacrifice. We cannot imagine how difficult your choice is. There are no words to express how grateful we are that you are considering us to be adoptive parents for your child. If you do decide that we are worthy of consideration here are four things that you should know about us. We are not perfect. We know Jesus Christ the One who is. We try to be more like Him every day and show His unconditional love to everybody as it was so freely shared with us. We will unconditionally love your child and are so excited about that possibility! If you do not think that we are worthy of being entrusted with your most precious gift; we understand that you only want what is best for your child and that God did not place it on your heart to entrust him or her to us. If you read no further than this know that we are praying for you and your child. We pray that God guides you to the family that He has in store for your child and that they are born healthy and happy!. For you we pray that you can see the hand of God at work throughout this whole situation and that He is with you throughout the storms of life. Thanks for your thoughts, time, and considerations!

Facts About Our Family

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State:North Carolina
# of Pets:0
Neighborhood: Suburban
Children:No Children

More About Our Family

Our Families Brandy and I are both blessed to be a part of two incredible families. Brandy has all her family living within a two-hour drive of our house. Brandy’s Mom (Judy) and Step Dad (John) are very close to us and are very ecstatic about the future addition to our family. Judy is also retired and is looking forward to spending time with our child. Brandy’s Dad (John)and his wife Elaine are also happy about our expanding family. Brandy has a twin sister and an older brother. Brandy’s twin sister is her best friend, sounding board, and confidant. They both share in the happiness that will come in the near future. Brandy has two nephews of who she thinks the world of and loves spending time with. Brandy has one Aunt and two Uncles with whom she has close loving relationships with along with many cousins. Brandy has a Grandma and Grandpa on her mom’s side (AKA Ba and Popps) who are the sweetest people and are excited about us adopting a child. It is always a fun time when we all get together. Kevin’s’ side of the family is a little larger. Kevin’s Mom(Cheryl) and Dad (Ed) are still happily married after almost 37 years of marriage and live about 25 minutes away from our house. Kevin’s Dad still works doing Carpentry and Custom Cabinets but his mom is also retired. They are both looking forward to also spending time with their new grand child! Kevin has one sister, a brother in law, and two nieces who are fortunately also 25 minutes away. The rest of Kevin’s side of the family lives in Iowa, Virginia, Minnesota, and South Dakota. Kevin has five uncles, five aunts, over 30 first cousins, and one very sweet Grandma. They have all been praying through this adoption process with us and have been a real comfort as some of them have adopted children as well. We enjoy going to visit all his family when we have an opportunity.

About Kevin


More About Kevin

My Husband Kevin (written by Brandy) Kevin is the love of my life. He is kind hearted , easy going, loving, and smart. I knew after our first couple of dates he was the man I’d been praying for all these years. Kevin is a man of great integrity and faith. You don’t have to be around him long to see how he truly cares for others and has a way of making them feel special and loved. Even though I’m seven years older I have learned a lot from him. He has taught me to find the joy in the small things and blessings in the difficult ones. He makes me want to be a better person. Kevin enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, kayaking, playing cards, watching movies, spending time with our family and friends, and watching Carolina Basketball. He donates blood and platelets whenever he can. He loves ice cream and cheesecake!

About Brandy

Education:High School

More About Brandy

My Wife Brandy (written by Kevin) Brandy is a sweet, caring, and thoughtful person. One of the things that I love to watch Brandy do most is to interact with our nieces and nephews’. She loves playing with them and being involved in their lives. Whether it is taking them to movies or just playing with them in their playroom she enjoys being a special person in their lives. I know that she will be a great mom and that she will show a lot of love to the child that we welcome into our family. Brandy is close with all her immediate family and loves spending time with both of our families. She especially enjoys seeing her twin sister (Sandy). Together they share a special bond and are absolutely the best of friends. Brandy loves to work out and stay in shape. She puts me to shame in that category. Brandy loves to go hiking, play corn hole, play pool, go shopping, travel, go the movies, and watch Carolina Basketball. She is without a doubt a die hard Carolina basketball fan and we both enjoy watching and going to games. Go Heels!. Brandy is 7 years older than I am and she reminds me that I’m just a baby too sometimes. I know that I was blessed by God because He put Brandy in my path just as the child that God has in store for us is also in our path

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