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Ryan and Shannon

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Ryan’s Letter to Birth Mother

During this long and sometimes painful process I keep remembering the words to a song my sister and I used to sing when we were kids, “I’m adopted. I’m chosen. I bear my Father’s name…” It just means that we’re all adoptees into the family of God. So not only are we all part of a big adoption process already, we’re also part of the same family.

I don’t know about you, but Shannon and I have to tell ourselves that God’s family is much bigger than the one we see nearest us on a daily basis, but it’s so amazing to think that God sacrificed so much to adopt us, giving up His Son. And we’re so grateful to you that you would consider making that sacrifice as well.

We struggled with the idea that we probably won’t ever be able to have our own biological children, and that was difficult. But it’s hard to even comprehend the sacrifice that you are making. Even though this wasn’t your original plan or ours, we can know that it was part of God’s.

So I guess God’s plan was to expand our families and bring His family a bit closer together, and we’re so blessed and excited that you’re a part of that.


Shannon’s Letter to Birth Mother

I often wonder; ‘How is it that I’m old enough to have a baby? What happened to the time? I feel like a child myself!’ But here we are and I think that we are ready because we can hardly think of anything else. I’m bursting to love this child!

I can’t wait to share our lives with this beautiful one, both our day to day family life and all the adventures we enjoy. I yearn to share this miracle with our families and church and that they share in the excitement.

I get butterflies in my stomach thinking about how wonderful our church’s preschool will be and how many friends’ they’ll have there. It will be a thrill to teach them about Jesus who’s gathered the entire world to Him. I am so honored to be a part of that.

You and I are both in God’s hands and His plan. The best plan is our connection.  This precious baby will make our lives bigger and better. There have never been words that would express my gratitude for you both. I can promise you that I will always love this child. From their start to my finish, I will love them, period.  I’ll go to great lengths to always make sure they are well cared for, well educated, have confidence, know that they are loved, understand that they are a gift from God, and part of the eternal promise of Him.

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