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Worth and Felicia

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The Lord has bound our hearts together as family and it is a beautiful thing to get to be a part of! Our life is fun. We love to travel together as a family, eat a lot of ice cream, and play all types of games. Worth works as a financial advisor and Felicia keeps busy with the home and children. Both of us take an active role in our local church and community. We have been blessed with two biological children. We love the blessing of children and the joy that each one brings into the world. Our hope is to raise all of our children to know the Lord by surrounding them with love, support, joy, and our example of walking alongside them. We have a deep desire to continue growing our family and to enjoy that adventure.

Facts About Our Family

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State:North Carolina
Neighborhood: Suburban
Children:Biological Children

More About Our Family

Our house is full of laughter, games, food, and a good time for all. We have always desired to have a house full of these things. Having children has grown us closer together as a couple, and brought something to our lives we did not know had been missing. Difficult pregnancies have led us to pursue growing our family through adoption. We have love to share and desire our home be filled with as much life and joy as possible - especially through the amazing gift of children! Tripp was born in 2016. Some of his favorite things are: - Eating, helping cook, taking orders on his calculator, dinosaurs, construction trucks, soccer, watching "Superwings", and going to the kids gym to play. Kellan was born in 2018. He enjoys cheese sticks, applesauce, dancing and jumping, cars, watching "Paw Patrol", playing drums, singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and blowing bubbles. We regularly attend church, and Worth leads music on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. Our church family is small, but loving, encouraging, and supportive! Felicia enjoys serving in the leadership of a local MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers). She also enjoys participating in activities with our local church and serving on the Board of Better Health. Worth is involved in the NC Symphony, Better Health, and Kiwanis, which works to improve the lives of children in our community. We love a good thrill! Carnivals, theme parks, ziplining, indoor sky diving, white water rafting, and really rides of any sort! You will find us in line to do them all. Weekends are for fun and resting! Baseball games, hiking, bike rides, soccer games, snowball fights, and swimming in the pool fill our down time. Our house is filled with shelves of board games, card games, and books. We live in a quiet neighborhood in the middle of our town. We love the unique shape of our home with a large front and windows all around to let in the natural light. We have a playroom for the kids, as well as a guest room for visitors to be able to stay. We can easily get to everything in town within about 10 minutes. There are many parks, stores, and community events close. Our fenced backyard sees a lot of outdoor sports, water balloon fights, and we enjoy taking family walks. We love God, we love each other, and navigate the joys, adventures, hardships, and unexpected together on the roller coaster of life. Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little more about us! It is such a joy to have you consider our family for your precious child. We would love to join together with you in this journey are praying for you with all the decisions you are making. "We love because he first loved us.” - 1st John 4:13-19 Worth and Felicia

About Worth


More About Worth

Worth is a hardworking man that can take the big picture and put it into action considering all of the tiny details. He is a strong leader, loyal, and encourages those around him to do their best. As an introvert, when he shares something, it is from the depths of his heart, meaningful, and well thought out. His desire to provide for our family daily is such a strong foundation for all of us. He is a third generation financial advisor with an office location close to home. He is an active member in many community organizations as well as his local church. I love watching him serve in these various roles and put other's needs before his own. One of his big goals in life is to make me laugh! Sometimes the silliness he can cook up with our boys to do so is the best way to end the day. I love summer time when he mans the grill and enjoys coming up with new ways to make the best steak around. He loves to read. We enjoy competing to see who can read the most books every year. His way of being patient and caring with those around me encourages me every day. ~From Felicia

About Felicia


More About Felicia

One of the biggest things you'd notice about Felicia is how much she cares for other people--she really wants other people to feel special and valued, and she works so hard to make that happen. She is also a planner and a deep thinker! She's a fantastic wife, and an unbelievable mother. She's patient with our kids on good days and hard days, and she loves coming up with new games or ways to teach them. She loves playing board games and card games, dancing, cooking, traveling, chocolate (dark), and time with friends. But most of all, she loves Jesus. She wants to know him better and help people around her to know him too. ~From Worth

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