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Alex and Jillian

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Thank you for taking the time to look at our adoption profile. We realize that this is a difficult process and we appreciate you taking the time to get to know us. We are extremely excited to grow our family through adoption. We have always considered adopting a child and after Alex underwent medical treatment, we learned it would be difficult for us to conceive on our own. We felt as though this was God's way of showing us that adoption was His plan for us. We are now healthy and happy and ready to become parents! We understand that there are many decisions ahead of you and we truly appreciate your time and consideration. We can only imagine the wide range of thoughts and emotions you may have through the adoption process and we are keeping you and your child in our prayers. Thank you for thinking of us and considering us as parents - a title we will be delighted and honored to have some day. Jillian and Alex

Facts About Our Family

Placement Status:Placement
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# of Pets:1
Pets:We have a four-year-old Yorkshire terrier/toy poodle mix named Buddy. Buddy is a well-trained, sweet and spirited pup. He loves to go on walks and play with his toys. Buddy loves all people and interacts well with our nieces and nephews.
Neighborhood: Suburban
Children:No Children

More About Our Family

Our Story: We met through mutual friends in 2013 and instantly had a connection. Jillian remembers talking to Alex that night and thinking the conversation was so comfortable. There was no lull in conversation and Alex made Jillian laugh and feel special. Alex remembers being drawn to Jillian right away and wanting to get to know her immediately. We ended up getting married in July of 2015 in front of family, friends and God. Our Careers: We are both teachers and have a strong calling to our careers. Jillian has worked at an elementary school for a number of years. She loves spending time with children and watching them grow and make connections. Alex has taught a variety of grades from elementary to high school. He has a lot of experience with many students and finds his calm demeanor makes him very approachable to students. Alex not only teaches, but coaches. He has coached football and basketball and enjoys watching children learn teamwork and sportsmanship. Alex would love to coach his future children. Our Family: We have an amazing, supportive family. Both of our sets of parents have been married over 35 years. They have been wonderful examples of strong, loving marriages. Alex has two siblings who are both married with children. Alex's parents and siblings all live in the Central Ohio area nearby. Jillian has 3 siblings who are all married. Her one brother and his wife have a baby. Jillian's family is in the Chicago-area. We still see Jillian's family often because everyone is dedicated to traveling and seeing one another frequently. Between both sides of our family we have two nieces and two nephews who we love to spend time with and watch grow and learn. Our interests: Jillian loves to read, write and garden. Alex loves to read about history, watch sports, and play trivia. Together we enjoy traveling - we have been to many countries and visited many historical places. We also enjoy taking walks in our local parks with our dog Buddy. We share each other's interests when Jillian attends sporting events with Alex or Alex takes in a musical at the theater with Jillian. We have so much fun together and love to try new activities - recently we found a new love of kayaking.

About Alex


More About Alex

(Written by Jillian) Alex is the most self-less person I've ever met. He would do anything for anyone - he always puts others before himself. Alex is one of those people who gets along with everyone. When I was first meeting his friends and family, everyone kept telling stories of things he helped with or times he was there for others. I had never met a person who was so universally well-liked and appreciated. I knew he was already special to me, but to see others speak so highly of him was truly remarkable. Alex is kind, sweet and laid back. His humor and constant positive nature makes the world a better place. Alex makes anyone he talks to feel like the most important person - whether it is a family member or a stranger he meets at the store. Not only is Alex giving, but he's a hard worker as well. He is dedicated and driven with everything he does. All of these qualities will make him an amazing father. I look at Alex and have nothing but complete certainty that he was meant to be a father - not just a father, but the storybook, fairytale, all-American sitcom father. Alex will be the dad everyone deserves, but not all receive.

About Jillian


More About Jillian

(Written by Alex) Jillian’s compassion, generosity, and the extent to which she cares about others are what make her a genuinely great person. She is such a sweet person, always putting others and their needs ahead of her own. Jill has a powerful love, and it has carried our relationship through tough times, particularly my cancer journey. She has the ability to make any situation easier by being comforting and providing a calm and relaxed atmosphere around her. I believe the qualities that make her such a great person will also make her a great mother. Jillian is also patient, she doesn’t get frustrated just because something isn’t going according to how they were planned. She is very strong emotionally, being steady and constant in order to make things less worrisome. Jill will be a very supportive mother, having shared with me ideas that our children should be given opportunities to learn what interests and hobbies will be best for them by giving them experiences in many different areas or activities. She has so much love to give, so much knowledge to share, our future children will truly be privileged to be raised by this magnificent woman.

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