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Charlie and Heather

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Hello! As you scroll through this page, we want you to know that you are already prayed for and so loved by our family. We want you to know how much we value the decision you've made to give your child life. We can only begin to understand the weight of this decision for you, and we want you to know how courageous you are. We are very excited to bring a baby into our family through adoption, and it has been awesome to watch our family and friends rally alongside of us with excitement! We have a strong community around us that will celebrate with us, teach us the ways of parenting, and encourage us to build our own family traditions. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! Charlie & Heather

Facts About Our Family

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More About Our Family

How We Met We probably couldn't tell you the first time we met each other because toddlers don't tend to have great memories. Our families grew their roots in the same area of Pittsburgh, so we attended the same church growing up and then high school later on. Some of our funniest memories are driving together to small group as high schoolers and getting to share lunch period Charlie's senior year. We went to different states to attend college- Charlie for mechanical engineering and Heather for education which she transitioned into a masters in marriage and family therapy. In 2015, the holidays brought us both back to Pittsburgh, and from the strong foundation of a friendship, our love for each other continued into dating. We joke that we've known each other forever, and we're excited to continue that onward now that we're married. We married in March 2018 surrounded by family and friends, and life in Ohio has been sweet ever since! Heather's Family Heather comes from two large families- each of her parents is one of five and she is too. Her parents recently moved to Colorado, and we look forward to taking our child out West to experience God's nature in full beauty. Her sisters are in different states, but with each of them having children, Heather gets to visit often. Currently, her two youngest brothers are in Pittsburgh working. Her dad's side is spread out over a few states but spends New Years together- playing board games that get very competitive. Her mom's side is mainly in Pittsburgh, where weekly times of frisbee, ice hockey, and church bring us together while also making time to camp each summer together. Some favorite traditions are making gingerbread houses at New Years with her dad's side of the family and making meals over the campfire with her mom's side. Charlie's Family Charlie’s side of our family is all very close though some distance separates us. Dad and Mom, or Pops and GiGi to our baby, live in his childhood home in Pittsburgh. His brother and sister-in-law live in Texas. For 30+ years, Charlie's Mom's side of the family has vacationed along the shore of Lake Erie and look forward to continuing that tradition with our little one. Holidays are not complete without a stop in to see Grandmom and the rest of Dad’s side of the family and playing a game or two. Charlie’s cousins, who are like bothers and sisters more than anything else, have 5 children we affectionately call our kid cousins, and there is never a dull moment when we all get together. We read books and sing songs with our kid cousins and share inside jokes among the adults. The memories with family are rich and deep, and we look forward to making more with our child. Our Home Our home is part of a beautiful, family-oriented neighborhood where kids and adults are always out biking, walking the dog, playing, cutting grass... Inside our home, we love having friends over for game nights and meals. Heather loves decorating our home for the different seasons, and pieces of Charlie's family heirloom furniture and some of his own making are in most of the rooms. Outside of our home, we have a gated park within a quarter mile walk of our home and two ponds just a few more steps away. The neighborhood is perfect for evening walks and is very safe. It's away from fast streets and the bustle of life while being within a ten minute car ride of schools, library, parks, and our friend's bakery! Our Interests We live a fairly active and social life, taking the time to be with family in different states to celebrate achievements and spend weeks of the summer vacationing together. Some of our favorite "us" adventures have been rock climbing once a week after work, camping at least one weekend a month in the summer months, and occasionally have some big travels to explore the world. We recently enjoyed a trip to Japan for a friend's wedding where we had four days to explore Tokyo and the beautiful history that surrounds it. Charlie got to show Heather some of his favorite foods from work trips there! We also go on a date on our month-iversary, and we've gotten to do a cooking class, glass blowing, and food tour as some favorites. We hope to continue being active with our little one- adjusting the adventures to the needs and abilities of the child while fully knowing that family will come alongside us to help transition into adventuring as a family. Our Promise to You We know that life isn't always sunshine and butterflies. There will be times of pain, loss, hurt, and confusion that we can't avoid. But we can promise you as we did to each other on our wedding day that our marriage is one that will last whatever comes our way. We look forward to building our family on the steady foundation of a healthy marriage. We promise to lean heavily on God for guidance and grace in our marriage and our parenting. We promise to raise our children in the love of God's fatherly heart and the assurance of his presence. We promise to be selfless, attentive, supportive, and nurturing.

About Charlie


More About Charlie

Charlie is a fun-loving, attentive man who takes time to see and care for everyone in the room. I love how smart and wise he is with handling family and work tasks while figuring out the work-life balance so we have time for adventures. Some of his favorites are camping for the weekend over the summer and going rock climbing. He is very talented at woodworking and is currently working on making a book bin to store kids books. I love how he hears my dreams and makes them a reality, and I look forward to watching him love our little one in that same way. I can't wait to see Charlie in the role of father! He is strong and steady, and I know that our little one will be able to depend on him as I have been able to. He is a man of traditions, and he's been talking excitedly about making more family traditions once a little one has joined our family. The first may be teaching the little one how to bribe mom for ice cream! :)

About Heather


More About Heather

Heather is the love of my life and the most precious person in the whole world to me. There is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful to have her in my life and rejoice that I get tomorrow with her as well. Her heart for others is evident is the way she opens our home to our friends for a meal and game nights, meets friends for coffee dates, and leads Bible Study at our church and FCA at our local high school. It will be great to see Heather being a mother because of how kind and sweet and wonderful with children she already is. Friends of ours have two girls under two and seeing my wife interact with the older- playing with cars, reading books, playing hide-n-go-seek, and making funny faces; and holding, rocking, caring for, and soothing the younger one brings the biggest smile to my face. I know that Heather will be an amazing mother and I look forward to coming home to be greeted by my wife and our children very soon.

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