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Joe and Erin

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Hello, Thank you so much for taking time to learn about us. The choice you are making is selfless and courageous and we would be honored to be considered as a family for your child. We hope you can find peace knowing your child would be placed in a home full of unconditional love, laughter, safety, and security. We are excited about continuing to grow our family through adoption and look forward to meeting you!

Facts About Our Family

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More About Our Family

Our story began in high school. We started dating after we were assigned seats next to each other in math class senior year. After high school, we went to different colleges but remained together. Six weeks after graduation, we were married! We moved back to our hometown and adopted two dogs – “Dallas” the dachshund "Tripp" the beagle. We live on 2 acres of land close to family and friends. We love our small town, often attending local festivals, movie nights, and parades. We are very active in our church volunteering with the kids, singing in the band, and attending bible studies. As a family we love adventures! From international trips to local hiking trails, we love to discover new places. Every year we travel to the beach with family and rent a large house on the water. We’ve also traveled to several states around the country and, as a tradition, try to attend baseball games wherever we go. We are excited to share our future adventures with a new little family member. God's calling to adoption in our lives has been present from the beginning of our relationship. We always knew it was something we would pursue, even before learning that a biological child might not be possible. We are excited about growing our family through adoption and look forward to meeting you!

About Joe


More About Joe

What initially attracted me to Joe was his sense of humor and athleticism. He played baseball, was on the wrestling and powerlifting teams, and was active in martial arts. I now see him as the strongest, most generous, hardworking person I know. He owns a welding business with his dad, leads worship at church, and is a fitness trainer. He has an adventurous spirit, loves learning new things, and meeting new people! Joe will be a great dad - playing in the yard, coaching sports teams, and teaching them guitar.

About Erin


More About Erin

Erin stole my heart with her contagious smile and sense of humor. In high school she was very active playing volleyball, basketball, and softball. She achieved a Chemical Engineering degree and an MBA in college and now works as a chemist for a paint company. She loves to travel, attend sporting events, and is active in the community. Erin will be an awesome mommy - baking cupcakes, planting sunflowers, reading books, and encouraging them as they grow. She is a planner and will keep them busy visiting the zoo, museums, and baseball games!

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