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Paul and Katy

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Hi! Thank you for taking the time to look through our profile. We eagerly await the opportunity to welcome a child into our home through adoption and have been praying for you and the baby throughout the process. We love children and our goal is to raise children who will love and serve God and who will help make the world a better place. About Paul and Katy: We both work for the same company; Paul works as a Trader and Katy works part-time as a Project Engineer. We met on a Friday after work through a mutual friend. Our relationship started a few weeks later when Paul asked Katy to go to a Night of Worship service at his college church. With a shared faith as our foundation, we quickly fell in love and were engaged 7 months later. We've been married for 4 years and have continued to grow in our relationship and faith as we've started our family together. Our Family: We have a biological son named John Paul, "JP", who is three. JP was born very early and spent many months in the hospital before he came home. We've experienced the difficulty of leaving our newborn baby in the care of someone else and empathize with some of the emotions involved in your decision. John Paul continues to have challenges resulting from prematurity, but it hasn't affected his personality and spirit. He is such a fun little boy to be around and will bring so much joy to his future siblings as their big brother. We know that as a big brother he will help teach his siblings determination, kindness, and compassion. We also have a Sheepadooodle puppy named Jack who is a year old. He still acts like a puppy right now, but we are training him to be a therapy dog. He is a very social puppy and is great with kids, especially John Paul. Jack looks like a big teddy bear with his long hair! Why Adoption: Adoption has been in our plan since we started talking about kids. Katy's parents have unofficially adopted children from Sudan and we consider them and their children family. We decided while dating that we wanted to have a big family. We both wanted to include adoption in our family plan because we believe a blended family will allow all of our children to be more compassionate, inclusive, and loving. What we will provide for your child: - A loving and safe Catholic home. - A loving and supportive extended family with 22 great friends through cousins and siblings. Everyone in the family loves babies! - Fun family activities such as going to the park, using our zoo membership, taking walks and bike rides, going to sporting events, playing sports, arts and crafts, listening to music, and more! - Travel to fun places such as National Parks, beaches, and DISNEY!!! We look forward to adding more laughter and voices to our home and are excited to be able to do so through adoption. We hope you might consider us to become the adoptive parents for your child.

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We enjoy spending time with our families and friends, and playing board games and cards. Everyone is very excited for us to adopt a child and add to our family. We live in a beautiful neighborhood and like to take bike rides and walks when the weather is nice. We also like to meet friends and cousins at the park to play. Most of the time, ice cream is part of our adventures. Paul is a big Ohio State fan and Katy is a big Michigan State fan. There is a healthy amount of competition in the family, especially in the fall during football season. We make bets that the losing side has to wear the winning team's apparel for the bowl game. Our lives have taken many twists and turns that we may not have chosen on our own. With faith, we believe that God's plan is bigger and better than ours, and we submit ourselves to His plan. The unexpected in each of our lives makes our stories unique and special. We strive to make the best out of the circumstances that we've been given and will encourage our children to do the same. Thank you for considering our family to be part of your and your child's story. We pray that you have peace and comfort in the decisions that you make. Love, Paul, Katy, and John Paul

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About Paul (From Katy): I am very proud to be able to call Paul my husband. He is thoughtful, intelligent, generous, driven, and kind. One aspect that drew me to Paul immediately was the way he treats others, especially children. Paul comes from a large, close-knit family. He has 18 nieces/nephews and is arguably the favorite uncle. It is so sweet to see his nieces clamoring to be one one that gets to hold his hand. Paul's playful nature, love of kids, work ethic, and faith make him an excellent father. He works tirelessly at work to provide for his family and is respected both in the office and at home for all he does.

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About Katy (From Paul): Katy is the love of my life, and that love only continues to grow every day. She is smart, determined, and she loves children. She makes friends with everyone that she meets because people can immediately see that she is very genuine and truly cares for others. She puts myself and John Paul ahead of herself as evidenced by the following things: she prepares nutritious meals in the evenings; works part time to help provide for the family; stays home with John Paul when she's not working; and she comes up with fun and exciting activities for our family to bond. She is a wonderful mother for John Paul and I am very excited to see her with another baby in the house. She will work tirelessly to ensure the child gets the love and attention every child deserves.

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