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Dear Expectant Family, We haven’t yet met, but we have faith God has a plan for each of us. We already know, though, that you are loving and strong! I would hope to grow our relationship into one of love and respect that focuses on the well being of the child, in whatever capacity would work for you. Whatever your decision may be, know that you are in our prayers. I trust the Lord will take care of you and us. “For I know the plans I have for you, “ declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 Delaney and I live together surrounded by a tightknit group of family, friends and co-workers. I grew up in Southern New Jersey and have been back in the Philadelphia area for about 9 years, after completing my medical school and residency training. We feel blessed with all that God has given to us, and I know we have so much more love and energy to give to any additions to our family. Being a mother has been the most amazing way to experience God’s grace each and every day, and I would be blessed to experience this with another child. I am proud to be a successful and strong woman role model for my daughter, nieces and nephews, and would love to be that to another child. She is also surrounded by many positive male role models inlcuding her biological father, grandfather and uncles. My 7 year old daughter is warm, caring and fun. She would make an amazing older sister and prays nightly for a younger sibling. My brother and sister are still my lifelong best friends. I would love for my daughter to have a special sibling relationship as well.

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We are lucky to have a large extended family and friend network. I truly agree that “It takes a village” to raise a child, as our family has been such a big part of both of our lives. We are very close to my parents who live less than 2 hours away (but considering a move closer). In addition, we live about 30 minutes from my brother , sister-in-law and 3 kids. My sister and her family live a bit further geographically, but we have many family get together and traditions like the 4th of July photo shown here. We are also lucky to have Delaney’s babysitter, Basia, who has become another grandparent to us. Delaney was the flower girl in Basia’s daughter’s wedding this past summer. Basia would also be involved in the child care of any additional children to our family. Delaney’s father is also an important part of her life, and we have a positive relationship that focuses on her well-being.

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My name is Colleen and I am an eye doctor and a mom. I am an active person and love doing anything outdoors, especially in the summertime. I feel blessed to have a job that I love with an amazing group of co-workers, who support me as a person and a mother. I enjoy teaching the residents in my area to be the next generation of doctors, and enjoy participating in medical service projects in the area and beyond. I also enjoy being a part of my daughter’s school community, where we do many service projects within the city of Philadelphia. Together with other women physicians we own our ophthalmology practice so I have a lot of flexibility in making my schedule. I am lucky; this allows me to spend time with my family and doing things outside of work too!

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