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David and Elise

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Hi there! Dave and I (Elise) are so grateful that you are taking a moment to learn a little bit about us. We'd first like to say thank you for choosing the path that leads to life. We are humbled by the choice that you are making and can't even begin to imagine how difficult this process must be for you. We are on a journey of our own. Having children is something that we have always wanted. While we haven't been able to start a family on our own, God has laid upon our hearts a desire that is stronger than ever. Could it be possible that our paths are crossing at this moment in time for a reason? We believe so. God knows better than anyone how to bring the right people together at the right time! We met in 2010 while both attending a young adults small group at our church. We were studying the book of James and connected over conversation about conflict resolution...go figure! From the very start it was like we had known each other forever. From that night forward we were inseparable. We quickly became best friends and two short years later were married in the very church where we met.

Facts About Our Family

Location:Western Pennsylvania
*The location where the adoption agency’s office is.
# of Pets:2
Pets:Mindy is our Shih Tzu. She is gentle and sweet. She loves riding in the car and having sleep overs with her human cousins. She is very good with people of all ages and welcomes everyone as they arrive to our home. We have one cat Fif. She is very playful, loves getting attention from others, and enjoys helping me work in my home office.
Neighborhood: Suburban
Children:No Children

More About Our Family

Dave's Family Dave has a large, but close family. Grandma is the matriarch and will be celebrating her 99th birthday soon! His parents John & Carol have raised 8 children, 5 girls and 3 boys. Dave is the 3rd youngest. His Grandma, Parents, Liz, Carolyn, John, Joe, and Rachel all live in the Pittsburgh area. Jen lives in Ohio, Sarah in South Carolina, and Uncle Walt & Aunt Lydia in Boston. Even with distance between some of us, we always find a way to come together and have fun! We have many fun traditions with Dave's family...Pierogi making with Grandma, cut out cookies and gingerbread, Phipps, picnics...the list goes on and on. Elise's Family While my immediate family isn't as large as Dave's, we are just as close. My mom Beth and dad Tom are the glue that holds us all together. I have a brother Mike, step brother David and step sister Jenn. I am especially close to my brother Mike and even though he is stationed in Delaware, we see him and his family several times a year. I have always had a special relationship with my mom and 3 aunts. They teach me everyday about the type of woman and mother I want to be. My family has always enjoyed vacationing at the beach, bike riding and camping.

About David

Education:High School

More About David

It's hard to sum up who Dave is in just a short paragraph, but I'll try! He works as a laborer for the Public Works department where we live. He is a very hard worker which he learned working on a farm in high school. Dave is one of a kind! He is genuine, loving, giving and full of life! One thing that I (Elise) admire most about him is his selflessness...he is always putting others before himself. When Dave does take time for himself, he likes to exercise, garden and go trout fishing. He is a husband, son, grandson, brother, and uncle. Uncle Dave's shoulders are prime real estate. So much so that I have had to set the timer before to make sure everyone takes turns!

About Elise

Profession:Social Worker

More About Elise

Elise is truly amazing. She is always putting others,friends... anyone. Her passion for helping others is one of the reasons she became a Social Worker in the mental health field. She is a loving aunt, daughter, niece, sister, cousin and wife. Elise is very artistic and uses her talents in our home and in serving others. She is in charge of decorating for Vacation Bible School and decorations for family parties. She is blessed with so many gifts that there isn't enough room to say them all. She is beyond amazing and does everything with love!

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