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Jonathan and Katrin

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Thank you. You are so brave! Thank you for being here right now, for thinking about the child to be born and loving him/her so much to consider what is best. That is true whether you decide the best thing for this precious gift is for you to parent this child or for someone else to have this honor. Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile and getting to know us. We are praying for you specifically. We are praying for your wisdom and comfort. If you decide an adoption plan is right for your child, we would be honored to be considered as the family for that very purpose. May you be strengthened as you continue this difficult process and may you find the absolute best family for your child. Love, Jonathan and Kat

Facts About Our Family

Location:Western Pennsylvania
*The location where the adoption agency’s office is.
# of Pets:1
Pets:Alice, Border Collie Dog.
Neighborhood: Country
Children:Biological and Adopted Children

More About Our Family

We are a family of six, we just have not met our sixth yet. We are a family that loves people. We love spending time with people and helping people, whether friends, family or new acquaintances. We love time together, and do what we can to have as much as we can. We prioritize family time where we go on walks, read together, watch a movie with popcorn together, play together, and go on adventures together. This strengthens us and helps us in being faithful in those things we feel gifted in and called to do.

About Jonathan


More About Jonathan

Jonathan is my favorite person. He is the best man I have ever met. He is strong, gentle, thoughtful, loving, generous, faithful, self sacrificing, and hard working.Jonathan is a pastor who loves people and does what he can to show God's love to the world. He enjoys meeting and talking with people, helping and praying with people, and teaching people. If you get to meet him, you will quickly see that he is a gentle, thoughtful man. He is also enjoys cooking and is a wonderfully talented musician, playing the piano, guitar, and his favorite instruments, the drums. Because of his love for music, our family has many musical moments of singing, dancing, and playing musical instruments together. He works hard, but he puts our family above his other priorities. Our children love every moment they have with him, and they know that they are the most precious people in his life. He reads to them, plays with them, guides them, protects them, and gives them lots of cuddles. This is the father our fourth child will enjoy.

About Katrin


More About Katrin

Kat is a nurturer and teacher. If you get to meet her, you will quickly see her heart for people. She is empathetic and compassionate. She left her career as a successful financial advisor to be at home with the kids, and she spends her days making our home environment the best place for them to grow and learn. She loves spending her days with the children, delighting in the chance to experience new milestones with them. She considers it one of her greatest privileges to teach them and to show them that they are loved deeply. She also enjoys sharing her time and talents with others. This is the mom that our fourth child will enjoy.

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