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Michael and Michelle

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Dear Birth Family,

How do you write a letter to someone who is making one of the most difficult decisions of their life?  We would like to start by saying thank you.  Thank you for choosing an adoption plan.  Thank you for choosing life.    Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about us.  Though we do not know what path that has led you here, we know, that like us, you were guided by the love for a child.   

Our Story:

Our story began when two mutual friends decided that we should meet.  Knowing both of our backgrounds, our friends felt the match was inevitable.  After exchanging several texts and emails, we met for our first date.   Mike greeted Michelle with a bouquet of purple flowers after learning purple was her favorite color.   We sat and talked for several hours over dinner and were pleasantly surprised with the many things we had in common, not only among ourselves but within our families as well.  We quickly knew that this budding relationship was something we both wanted to pursue. As we continued to date for over year, we constantly discovered the so many things we had in common—such as the ease with which we could quote almost any ‘80s movie--and we just enjoyed being together. Before long, we took a vacation to the west coast. While on vacation, Mike proposed to Michelle early in the morning, at sunrise, on Catalina Island.  Michelle was not expecting a proposal on that early morning, but she quickly realized what was going on and cheerfully and excitedly said yes.  We were now an engaged couple, we could not wait to come back home and share the happy news with all of our family and friends.  We were happily married in 2012.   

First comes love, second comes marriage…where is that baby carriage?  We knew we wanted children. We started working on it right away.  A few months turned into a year and after several specialists and our first round of IVF we were pregnant.  Ecstatic to be adding to our family we were devastated when we were told that Michelle was going to miscarry.  We went back to the drawing board and tried again and again.  Sadly, these pregnancies ended in miscarriages as well.  Not sure what to do next, we started to explore the gift of adoption.  After speaking with friends and family members that have adopted, we realized that this was what God had planned for us and we couldn’t be more excited or ready to welcome a child into our home.

Michelle has surrounded herself with children her whole life. She spent her early years as the neighborhood babysitter and then at a daycare while working her way through college and receiving her degree in elementary and special education. She has been teaching for seventeen years in the same school district as a learning support teacher.  Co-workers would agree that Michelle is doing what she was meant to do.  She lights up when she is around her students, and they light up around her.  When she is not teaching, she is spending time with family.   More affectionately known as Shelley or Aunt Shelley, Michelle grew up in a German/Italian family…with the emphasis on the Italian side.  Her Sundays were spent at her grandparents with her aunts, uncles, and cousins in a small house where everyone talked at once.  Michelle is very close to her family including her grandparents.  Her grandmother recently passed away and her grandfather will be 101 years old this year.   Michelle’s parents have been married for forty-six years and she has two brothers who are also married.   Aunt Shelley will do anything for her nieces and nephews whether it is sitting and doing homework while getting the latest low down on Pokémon and Minecraft to playing with Barbie or saving the world from Darth Vader and his Imperial troops.  

Michael (Mike) is a wonderful husband, brother, and son. After losing his father when he was in high school, Mike, the oldest of three children took on a new role.  Mike helped his mom by doing shopping, carpooling, and attending sporting events or other activities his brother and sister were involved in.  Spending time with family has always been important to Mike.  During the day, Mike is busy working at a local company as a Supplier Quality Engineer.  He has worked with this company for over fifteen years.  Uncle Mike is a kid at heart.  Often at family gatherings he is asked to participate in rounds of endless hide and seek as well as many other games.  Uncle Mike brings fun things to the party, like fireworks, board games, and endless ideas of ways to play and have fun with the children at the parties and gatherings.   Being an engineer, Mike’s science enthusiasm gets the better of him, and he likes to create weird experiments with the kids like putting dry ice in “Grammy’s” toilet or launching Mentos rockets.  The kids love it every minute of it and so does he.

Most importantly, our immediate families are all in very close proximity.  In fact, Michelle’s family resides in the same community as she and Mike do.  We live in a modest three bedroom ranch in an older suburban neighborhood outside of Pittsburgh.   Our neighborhood is a mixture of older families and younger families with children and located within a reputable school district with elementary and middle schools less than five minutes away. It is the same district Michelle attended.   The location is central to playgrounds, a YMCA, parks, and most importantly our families.  Mike’s immediate family, too, is nearby--within twenty minutes of us.  This allows us to have active roles in our nieces and nephews lives from cheering on the sidelines to attending other activities that they are involved in.  We are both very family-oriented and look forward to our family gatherings.  Moreover, we have been fortunate enough to bring our families together too and share several occasions that have since become new traditions.  Having such wonderful and supportive families is a blessing as we are well aware, and our nieces and nephews are anxiously awaiting a new cousin to play with and love!

When we are not working or we are not enjoying time with our families and friends,  both of us have many interests that keep us busy.  We both like to travel.  Our favorite vacation is going to the beach.  Both of us also like to see musicals, plays, and movies.  We also love to spend the night at home catching up on our television shows or watching a movie.   Mike is an avid sports fan and attends various sporting events throughout the year (football, hockey, baseball), but the Penn State football games are most significant to him.   Just as his dad sported the blue and white jersey and cheered for his team, so does Mike don his jersey in honor of the tradition he shared with his dad so many years ago. Michelle even occasionally attends sporting events with Mike, but she also takes advantage of Mike’s sports weekends by getting in the time with “her girls”—friends that she has shared most of her life with since the early days of elementary school.  Whether it is a girl’s day or just the guy’s day, we are both thankful for many friendships we have.   Some of our favorite activities include planning trips or weekend getaways or even gathering for a game night at someone’s house.   Often times when there is a get together, Michelle and Mike can be found playing with their friends’ children.  Mike looks great in a tiara, having tea, and Michelle is one tough super hero and/or ninja turtle.  

As we wrote this letter, we kept saying there is so much we want to say, but how do we convey how much love we have to share in a page or two.  We are hoping that we have given you a glimpse of what we can offer a child and help put you at ease while facing this most difficult, yet brave decision.  Please know that you are in our prayers. Thank you for taking the time to “meet” us. Please know we continually pray for you, your child, and the family that is blessed to receive your most precious gift from God.

God Bless.

Mike and Michelle

Facts About Our Family

Location:Western Pennsylvania
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