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Rob and Amanda

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Dear Friend, The Lord has been working in our lives and our hearts for several years to bring us to this point in our journey. Rob and I met five years ago through online dating (yes, it does work!), and we got engaged eight months later. We've been happily married for four years now, and we have always known that we wanted to grow our family through adoption. Because we got married in our 30s, we decided to try to become pregnant right away. We actively pursued fertility treatments for over three years, and we were unable to conceive. However, instead of the fertility journey being a discouragement to us, it was a joy. A joy learning how to support and love each other well through challenges, a joy to encourage other families who were also dreaming of a child of their own, and a joy in knowing that the Lord creates every baby with intention and purpose. We are active members of a local Baptist church, and our family and friends there are supportive and loving. They hold us accountable to studying and knowing God's Word. Our vision for family life with a little one includes time spent outside in the summer gardening, in our pool, or at the lake. In the fall, we are college football fans, and all year long we love to travel. We hope that through this book you will get a glimpse into who we are as a couple, as a family, and as part of our community. While we've never been in your shoes, we imagine that your heart has a lot of emotions swirling right now. Know that by choosing to carry your baby, you are a loving and caring parent. Whatever choice is right for you and for your little one, whether that is parenting or an adoption plan, we will be praying for you! May the Lord give you peace and joy in the days ahead. Love in Christ, Rob and Amanda

Facts About Our Family

*The location where the adoption agency’s office is.
State:South Carolina
# of Pets:2
Pets:Belle and Buckley are sisters from the same litter, and they are three years old. They are a mix of different breeds, but they have mostly labrador traits.
Neighborhood: Suburban
Children:No Children

More About Our Family

Rob and Amanda have a very supportive and loving family! Rob's side of family lives in Ohio, but we go to visit them, and they come to see us several times a year. Amanda's side of the family lives locally, and she is the baby of five siblings. We love to get together for birthdays and holidays. We also often travel with our parents and family to our favorite vacation destination: Walt Disney World! Many of friends, including Rob's best friends from High School, Amanda's best friend from college, and our church friends, are like family to us too! We love to have pool parties in the summer, and in the winter, we get together to watch college football. Our tribe is loving and fun!

About Rob


More About Rob

Rob makes me laugh harder than anyone else in the world. He is spontaneous and loves to have fun, including nerf gun wars in the house. He's passionate about Ohio State Football, and he is an amazing husband who always helps to clean. On Saturdays, Rob can usually be found in the yard or watching Game Day. He has a big sweet-tooth, and often dreams up things he'd like to eat. Rob loves Jesus, and he leads us in family devotions each night. Rob is going to make a great daddy, one who makes time together his top priority.

About Amanda


More About Amanda

Once you meet Amanda, you will realize why I fell in love with her. I have always told my friends and coworkers (before they met her) to prepare to be blown away with how great she is. Amanda does not disappoint. She is first and formost a child of God, with everything she does being for Him. From Meals on Wheels to Habitat for Humanity, Amanda leads volunteer events. If she was only half the wife that she is now, she would still be more than anyone could ask for. She is an advid Food Network watcher: to the point that my coworkers ask her to make them a variety of food for our events! Our child will be spoiled with a loving mother. Finally, Amanda is a best friend. She has never met anyone that she doesn't like. From the first time you meet her, it will be like you have known each other your whole life.

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