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Scott and Polly

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Dear Expectant Parent: Before we begin sharing about ourselves, we want to first express the admiration and respect we have for you. Choosing adoption for your baby is an incredibly selfless and courageous decision, and we admire the strength and love a decision like that shows. For quite some time we have been praying for the expectant parent that God would place in our path, so if that ends up being you, please know our prayers for you will continue. We want not only the best for the child that will one day be placed in our home but also the best for the parents that will entrust that child to us. We ultimately want to bring honor to God in how we parent a child and how we interact with our child’s birth parents. We also would like for you to know that we believe adoption has always been part of the plan for us. Even while dating we talked about how we would love to adopt one day. When we realized we would not be able to have children biologically we took that as God showing us that He had placed that desire in both of us for a reason. We firmly believe adoption has always been His plan for us and our marriage, and we are so excited to see where this journey leads us. If it leads us to you, please know we will do everything we can to provide your baby with a loving home that points them to Christ. We realize, however, that you need to know us a little better before you can make such an important decision, so we hope the following will help provide some information about us and answer some questions you may have. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! Sincerely, Scott and Polly

Facts About Our Family

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State:South Carolina
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More About Our Family

We have been married for nine years. We met at our church while Polly was serving as a children's ministry director, and Scott was teaching a 3rd grade Sunday school class. As a married couple we try to balance everyday responsibilities with fun. We both work outside the home, so we try to make sure we take care of household responsibilities as a team. Polly doesn't work on Fridays and Scott has a flexible schedule, so we try to keep Fridays and Saturdays open for time to do something entertaining. We love going to sporting events, hiking, hanging out with friends, and going to the movies. We love spending time together as a couple, but we also value relationships with others, especially with our family. We are intentional about spending time with them on holidays and birthdays, and we also enjoy just getting together for dinners or to play games. Some of our favorite vacations have been the ones we took with our family as well. One aspect of our family that we love is that we have a lot of nieces and nephews, and our time spent with them has solidified in our minds that we will love being parents. All of our family is supportive of our decision to adopt, and they look forward to having a new child join our family!

About Scott


More About Scott

About Scott (from Polly's perspective): Scott is laid-back, patient, and a kind-hearted guy. He has a positive outlook on life and lives by the idea of taking life one day at a time. He's very hard-working, but also likes to take time to do things he enjoys. He's athletic and loves to play basketball and golf. When he's not playing sports, he loves to watch them! He also really loves watching movies. Some other things about Scott: 1. He loves chocolate, especially Reese's Cups. 2. His favorite show is The Office. 3. He enjoys listening to podcasts. 4. He likes to know how things work and enjoys researching. 5. He is not a morning person, and he loves to stay up late.

About Polly


More About Polly

About Polly (from Scott's perspective): Polly is a compassionate and nurturing person. She enjoys helping others and building relationships with people. She’s quick-witted and loves to make people laugh. She is also very energetic and likes to make the most of each day. Whether she's working or enjoying a hobby, she's going to give it her all. Some of the things she enjoys the most are running, reading, attending sporting events, and anything outside, like hiking, swimming, etc. Some other things about Polly: 1. Her favorite book is “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott. 2. She loves elderly people and enjoys visiting with them. 3. Her favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls. 4. She loves listening to music. 5. She enjoys cooking and trying new recipes.

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