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David and Colene

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Our names are David and Colene, and we are incredibly honored that you are considering including us as a part of your life journey and giving us the gift of adopting your child! While we don’t know much about you, we know that you are strong, brave, and want the absolute best for your child. We would like to introduce ourselves and hope this profile helps show you all the love your child will receive from us, our family, and friends. Hopefully this is the start of a lifelong friendship between you and our family! We have been married for nine years and have a strong and loving relationship. We have not yet been blessed with a child, but we are absolutely thrilled at the idea of becoming parents. We can only imagine how wonderful it will be to take care of a new, tiny life! Our paths first crossed at an outdoor music festival in Alabama. David was a singer and songwriter and was traveling the state performing with his guitar. Colene was a busy college student who had just won a local pageant that enabled her to compete in Miss Alabama. It just so happened that Colene served as the emcee for the music festival at which David was a featured performer. Though we only spoke briefly that night, we soon met again for a first date and quickly fell in love. We were drawn together by our shared faith in God, our love of music and performing, and our similar life goals. When Colene moved to Oxford, Mississippi to attend graduate school at Ole Miss, David did not hesitate to move into the apartment beside hers. We were soon engaged and married. Upon Colene’s graduation from graduate school, she received a job at a university in Jackson, Tennessee where she currently teaches economics classes. David soon was hired as the music leader for a growing local church. Our lives have been richly blessed with the love we share for each other and the many opportunities we have had to pour into the lives of others. What we have been missing is a little one to share our love, to call us mom and dad, and to make our lives complete! We anxiously await the day our family begins to grow! We both come from loving families who have a strong faith in God. David’s parents and sister are fun-loving and adventurous. Colene’s closest friend is her sweet mother who lives nearby. Your child would be the first grandchild for our parents, and we are confident that they along with our extended family would shower your child with constant love and affection! We live in a family-oriented neighborhood which is close to shopping, a park, and many restaurants. We both live five minutes from our workplaces. Our home is two stories with three bedrooms and a large bonus room. Our favorite place in our house is our kitchen because we love to eat and spend time together with friends around the dinner table. Our neighbors just welcomed their newborn daughter and we know our little one will be excited to have a best friend next door. We both have careers that offer very flexible hours, so we will have lots of time to spend with our child. David’s job as a worship leader and singer-songwriter means our home is always filled with music. Colene’s career as a college professor enables her to teach and pour into the lives of college students. Your child’s four-year college tuition is already paid for as a benefit of Colene’s employment. We promise that, given the opportunity, we would love your child unconditionally. We would be completely committed to giving them a life full of joy, support, and opportunities! We pledge to raise your child in a home filled with faith, hugs, laughter, singing silly songs with Dad, dance parties in the living room with Mom, trips to feed the ducks at the lake with grandparents, playdates with friends on the giant indoor playground at church, driving to look at the neighborhood Christmas lights, Fourth of July fireworks shows, and after-school trips for ice cream. We promise to always tell our child that he or she is a gift from a very loving and caring mother. We hope you will take the opportunity to read our thoughts about each other and that you will view our photo albums as well. The captions should help to provide some details about our life, our faith, our home, our friends and family, our love for children, and our love for each other. We hope that as you view these pictures, you can envision the sort of life your child would have with us and that you could imagine knowing us on a more personal level. We look forward to getting to know you, hearing more about the dreams you have for your child, and developing an open and trusting relationship with you. We can’t wait to hear from you! David and Colene

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More About Our Family

Fun Facts About David: - Has performed his music in 21 different states - Is often told he looks like Green Bay Packers Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers - Was officially ordained as a pastor on May 5th, 2019 - Played basketball in high school and his nickname was "Shaggy" - Favorite movie is Oceans 11 - Favorite food is Central BBQ Ribs - Favorite music artist is John Mayer Fun Facts About Colene: - Was a two-time runner up to Miss Alabama - Was a majorette in college and can twirl three batons at once - Is an only child and the sixth great granddaughter of a sergent in the Revolutionary War - Was Valedictorian of her high school class and her nickname was "Brainiac" - Loves girls' nights at the local Mexican restaurant with her best friends - Favorite movie is The Holiday - Favorite food is Chicago-style deep dish pizza - Favorite music artist (besides her husband) is Taylor Swift

About David


More About David

(From Colene) My wonderful husband David is handsome, talented, and intelligent, but I fell in love with his heart. David is the most kind, compassionate, and loving person. He sees the best in others and never fails to have a positive attitude. I always laugh to look back at our first date, because I thought he was a "tough guy" at first. By the end of the date, I realized that he was sweet, thoughtful, and sensitive. Let's just say that I am so glad I said yes to date two! I have loved every day since, peeling back the layers of his personality and learning more about all of the things that make me love him. One of the first things people notice about David is his calm, confident personality that always puts others at ease. This confidence comes from his complete faith in Christ. He spends time with God reading his Bible each morning and prays nightly with me. In these sweet moments, I am reminded of the great honor and blessing it is to be married to a man who puts God first and who cares deeply about my spiritual needs. David has been by my side through some of my life's most painful moments. In these times, David was a safe place for me. I don't know how he does it, but he always makes everything alright no matter what stress or sadness I've been through. I am incredibly grateful that he is so completely committed to caring for me, listening to me, and helping me through life's challenges. David is very musically gifted and is incredibly creative! He can write a song in a heartbeat that sounds better than anything you hear on the radio. As talented as he is with music, most days I think he needs to be a comedian! I am not exaggerating when I say that he is so funny! He is quick with a joke and loves to rewrite the lyrics to well-known songs or tv commercials to be about something silly. Sometimes, I think all we do is laugh when we are together. David is truly my best friend and soulmate. I have imagined him as a father countless times since we got married. I know he will absolutely be so smitten with a child and will be thrilled to have a little one to care for and love. David will be the ultimate dad; present at every event, taking countless pictures to capture sweet memories, and seeing every moment as an opportunity to impress upon this child his unending and complete love and devotion.

About Colene


More About Colene

(From David) Colene is a kind and outgoing Southern girl with a Southern accent to match. She loves anything that sparkles, but sweetness isn't all she has to offer. She is also highly intelligent, extremely funny, and genuinely concerned about the welfare of others. She puts our family first and is a great caretaker of our home. I love the passion Colene brings to each task she is given. Whether it is teaching a dance routine to young girls or providing valuable input to a committee she serves on at work, she is always committed to giving her best effort. Colene is ambitious and is not afraid to take on difficult tasks. I witnessed her devotion to her graduate school studies firsthand for four years. Her degree required long work days and stressful deadlines. When others would have given up, she persevered. In addition to motivating herself to success, Colene also has an incredible ability to encourage and inspire others. She uses that gift every day as she mentors and educates college students both inside and outside of the classroom. She is also dedicated to serving the needs of people throughout our community. Colene is a very hopeful individual and sees the potential in others long before they see it in themselves. A few years ago, I wrote a song about Colene titled "Better Man." She motivates and inspires me and has truly made me a better man. Colene is always full of joy and she lights up any room that she walks into. She has a presence that is unmistakably special. At the same time, she is very humble and desires to make others the focus of conversation. People are drawn to her because they can sense her humility and selfless tendencies. She speaks softly and chooses her words wisely. Colene sometimes rewrites emails and messages multiple times just to make sure her words are clear, positive, and encouraging. As a young guy, I made a list of character traits I would hope to find in a wife someday. Never in a million years would I have imagined finding someone who literally checked off every single box. I know there are no perfect people, but God has given me a perfect match in Colene. Of the many qualities I love about Colene, I am most grateful that we share an unwavering faith in God. The evidence of God’s strength and His peace are visible in Colene’s life. Waiting on God’s timing for a child has been difficult for both of us, but Colene has continued to remain confident in the Lord, which in turn has given me strength! My heart might literally explode the first time I see her with a baby in her arms! I can hardly wait for Colene to be given the chance to use her faith, her values, and her talents to enrich the life of a child. She has consistently been placed in positions which enable her to work with children, and I believe all of this training has made her extremely prepared to take on the most important job in the world: being a mom.

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