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Edward and Laura

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Dear Birth Parents,

Your decision to place your child for adoption shows a deep love and caring for your child.  Your strength and courage are evident and we want to support you in this decision.  We have been praying for you and your unborn child believing that God will support you and help you with every step of your life.  We feel a deep love for you and your unborn child and pray that God will bless you and comfort you during this time and that you will experience peace during every step of the journey.  We want to answer any questions you have for us.  Thank you for considering us as we share our story with you.

We have been blessed with many good things in life – a happy marriage, a beautiful home/property, steady careers, good health, families, wonderful country living, and most importantly, faith.  But there remains a void because we have been unable to have a child.

Ed works in state government in an accounting department; Laura is a librarian.  Together, we enjoy hiking in the woods with our Collie dog, gardening in the summer, baking, spending time with family, traveling, reading, and watching football.  We attend church weekly and would diligently raise the child in a Christian atmosphere.

We have our parents, Laura’s sister, Ed’s sister and brother, and numerous extended family including uncles, aunts, and nieces.  We live in a small town in the country with 1 acre of property attached to it.  We also live next to Ed’s parent’s place which has 9 acres of property that we can roam and play.  We have a Collie dog that is identical to Lassie.  Our house is a 3 bedroom/3 bathroom home that lies on a back road with virtually no traffic.

Laura is the daughter of medical missionaries and has lived a good part of her life overseas, including China.  Ed is a pastor’s son.  So we both understand how vital it is to teach about God from an early age.  We pledge to teach your child Christian values, to involve them in a church environment, be actively involved in their education and schooling, surround them with the support of extended family, and to show unconditional love.

May God richly bless you,
Ed and Laura

Hello! Our names are Ed and Laura. We have been blessed with many good things in life - a happy marriage, a beautiful home and property, jobs we love, good health, loving families, and a strong faith in God, but there remains a void in our lives because we have been unable to have a child. Ed works at a university and Laura works at a local library. Together we enjoy hiking in the woods with our Collie dog, gardening, baking, going to the park, biking, paddle boating, swimming, kayaking, and spending time with family. We want you to know that if you choose our family to be the adoptive family for your baby, we will provide continuous and unconditional love, kindness, support and encouragement throughout his/her lifetime. Because of our deep love for Jesus, your baby will be raised in a loving Christian home.

Facts About Our Family

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# of Pets:1
Pets:Gracie is a collie dog who looks like Lassie and is sweet and gentle with all ages of children.
Neighborhood: Suburban
Children:No Children

More About Our Family

We live in a safe, suburban, mountainous area that is close to three larger cities. We have a 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath house with a camping area and creek in the backyard. Surrounded by nine acres of land and near the national forest, we have plenty of land to play on, hike, and take walks. We enjoy traveling to places including the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls. For vacations, we sometimes rent a beachfront condo or a cabin in the mountains. We both love hiking, swimming, biking, bowling, going to zoos, tennis, ping pong, kayaking, canoeing, jet skiing, horse back riding, going to the park, and reading. We enjoy fun activities with nieces and nephews including Easter egg hunts and making gingerbread houses. Laura enjoys baking cookies and brownies. Ed works at a university and Laura works at a library. We have been unable to have any children of our own, so we are praying for a child to adopt and love. We both love Jesus very much and attend church regularly. We both love children and are sweet and kind to all children.

About Edward


More About Edward

Ed enjoys spending time outdoors whether hiking to waterfalls, walking in the park, gardening or mowing the yard. He works very hard at his job and is a good provider with a steady income. He would take seriously his role as father, protector, and provider. He enjoys playing board games like scrabble, monopoly, or uno with children and loves to go camping. Not only does he enjoys bowling, watching football, and playing tennis, but also he is loving and kind to all children. Ed is a special man who makes sure his widowed mother is taken care of by cutting her lawn for her and moving things for her when she needs help. He helps her plant her garden and helps her fix things that are broken. Family is very important to Ed and he makes sure that he is there for them when they need to talk or need his help. Ed enjoys spending holidays with his family and likes the Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas traditions. He helps arrange Easter egg hunts, makes gingerbread houses, and enjoys the Christmas plays and concerts. He loves shopping for Christmas and birthday presents and tries to find a gift to match the wants and needs of the person he is buying the gift for. He enjoys family reunions and the fun family games that are played there. Ed has a deep faith in Jesus and it shapes how he lives out his life. He is faithful in volunteering at and attending church and has a close walk with Jesus. Because of his love of Jesus, it shines through his life in his generous heart and kindness to others.

About Laura


More About Laura

Laura has spent a lot of time babysitting and playing with children. She has helped with many Vacation Bible Schools at church in the children's department, taught Sunday School, has worked as a nanny to twin babies, has worked with children at the Summer Reading Program at the library, and sometimes babysits her newborn niece. She enjoys spending time with nieces, doing things like Easter Egg hunts, building gingerbread houses, baking cookies and going to the zoo. Laura enjoys playing card and board games like Monopoly, Uno, Hearts, and Chutes and Ladders. She also enjoys baking brownies, making homemade pizza, baking cakes or Christmas cookies, and making pancakes. She loves hiking to waterfalls, playing with children at the park, going for bike rides, playing tennis or ping pong, swimming, and all types of boating including paddle boating. Laura is a very loving person who would immediately bond with a child. She has deep maternal instincts. She is one of the sweetest people that you could ever meet. She loves Jesus a lot and is faithful in praying, reading her Bible, attending church, and helping to volunteer at church. She loves singing in the church choir and volunteers in the church nursery. Her love of Jesus shines through her smile and the kindness she shows to others.

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