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James and Stacey

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Dear Birth Parent, 

Though we don't know you, we are praying for you and for God to make the path clear for you. We admire you for choosing adoption and are in awe for the love you have for your child. We appreciate all the sacrifices you are making for your child.

We have a strong desire for our family to continue to grow through adoption. We love our kids and we look forward to adding a precious child to our family. Adoption has not been a second choice for our family but has been planned since before we even married. Our hearts are already growing for our next child and without that child we feel there is a missing piece in our family. We desire to have an open adoption including exchanges of photos, letters, emails and visits. We want it to be clearly communicated that your child is loved and that they know their story. 

Our family is made up of James, Stacey, our 3 children and a little gray cat. We live in a diverse neighborhood within walking distance to restaurants and shops. We enjoy our home and the large back yard for playing. 

Stacey stays at home with the children which affords us a lot of flexibility and special time with the children. She can take the kids to the park, the library and music classes during the week. Stacey enjoys playing outside with the kids, baking, watching football and volunteering in the community. Before Stacey stayed at home, she worked as a counselor for children and families.

James has a passion for teaching and counseling. He teaches counseling at a local university that is within walking distance to our home. James enjoys hiking, watching baseball and grilling hamburgers. James spends many of his afternoons playing outside with the kids and reading stories to them at night. 

Our family is very active. We try to spend our spare weekends hiking and camping. Our family hiked over 26 miles on our last visit to the Smokey Mountains and got to share beautiful waterfalls with our children. Our camping trips are filled with smores, bike riding and fishing. Our kids are on the go playing soccer and baseball in local leagues. Stacey and James have both committed to running 365 miles each this year. The kids often run with us or ride their bikes alongside. We love exploring at the zoo, children museums and attending plays. 

Attending worship on Sunday is an important part of our life. We are a part of a very active church family who is diverse and busy in the community. Our church family has over 14 families who have fostered or adopted. James and Stacey teach Bible classes, visit the elderly and make meals for those who are sick. 

We hope that our profile conveys the love and joy our family carries. We are not a perfect family, but we love God, our kids and each other.  My prayer is that you make the decision best for you and for your child. Thank you for taking time to look through our profile and considering our family.

James and Stacey 

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