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John and Gabby

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Dear Birthparents, Thank you for letting us introduce ourselves to you. We are so grateful that you love this child so much that you are willing to consider an adoption plan. We have been waiting for years to become parents, and we are so excited to grow our family through adoption. Having a child would mean the world to us and be the biggest blessing in our lives. We fell in love with each other twelve years ago, and we are ready to share our hearts with a baby. We have a strong partnership and are confident that we will provide a warm, stable, and loving home for a baby. Gabby grew up in New Orleans in a home with her parents and one brother, and John and his sister were raised by their parents in the Chicago area. We both come from large extended families and have many aunts, uncles, and cousins throughout the midwest and southeast. Our story started when we met in college and we have been exploring life hand in hand ever since.

Facts About Our Family

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# of Pets:1
Pets:Our sweet dog, Betty, is a Golden Doodle who loves to cuddle and play.
Neighborhood: Suburban
Children:No Children

More About Our Family

Our home is comfortable and inviting, with a big backyard to play in. Our neighborhood has lots of young families and is very kid-oriented. We live on a quiet street, but our subdivision is near several parks and playgrounds, and is close to the center of town. In our free time we enjoy traveling and exploring new cities. We love going to comedy shows and concerts in the Nashville area. At home we often cook dinner together while listening to music. We also spend time cuddling up with our dog, Betty. She is a sweet and playful golden doodle.

About John


More About John

My husband, John, is an amazing partner. He is always there for me and puts our family first. He is strong, confident, and funny! John loves sports and live music, and he is looking forward to sharing his interests with our child. I know he will be an amazing father for a little boy or girl!

About Gabby


More About Gabby

My wife, Gabby, has such a big heart and is the kindest, most loving person I know. Gabby is so nurturing and I know she will be an incredible mother. I love her fun-loving spirit and I could not have been blessed with a better partner in life. At home, Gabby enjoys reading, painting, and cooking, and she will encourage our son or daughter's creativity.

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