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Justin and Claire

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Dear Birthparents,

    Thank you for choosing life! It takes great courage and selflessness to put the life and future of your child above your own wants and desires. For that reason, I have great respect and admiration for you as you make this difficult decision! I can’t even begin to imagine the difficulty of the decision you have before you. Romans 8 says that through Christ we have been adopted into the family of God as His children. We are excited to show that same love to a new baby and bring them into our family as our son or daughter. Just like you, we want this child to have a life filled with hope and joy, for them to grow into a strong and compassionate man or woman and for them to know the fullness of God’s love and grace.

    I co-own a web design and development company. I’m so thankful that my wife is able to stay home with the kids and I have great respect for how she loves and cares for them all day everyday. After work I enjoy playing super heros, Ninja Turtles, baby dolls or racing on Mario Kart with our two kids. We’re apart of a fantastic church were I serve as an elder and an elementary kids teacher. I have a heart for kids; I’ve been working with them in one form or another since I was 15 when I first served at summer camp.

   We also have amazing parents and grandparents who are so excited to have another grandchild or great-grandchild in our family. Family is very important to us, we are very close with both of our families and spend a lot of time with them.

   Claire is an amazing woman and mother, I love her so much and can’t imagine life without her. It was while serving at camp with her that I first noticed her heart to serve and love others, she is wise, kind and fun. She is extremely creative, I’m continually amazed by her, and if she sets her mind on doing something, she does it at 110%.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we are praying daily that the Lord will unite us with the parents and child that He wants in our lives.



Dear Birthparents,

    As I sit to write this letter to you, I am a little heartbroken, but also full of hope. As a momma I know how it feels to carry a child, so I can only imagine the difficulty in this decision you are making. But you are oh so brave, and we deeply respect you for choosing to give this precious one LIFE! Justin and I are hopeful as we seek the Lord in this process, that He will bring our families together in this adoption, and we will pursue openness with you for everyone’s benefit and growth.

    I am momma of two little ones, Della and John, and I am so thankful the Lord has given them to me to love and care for. I have always wanted to be a mom, and have had a heart to adopt from a young age. So I’m honored that you are reading this! We have a great backyard, in a quiet neighborhood, with lots of garden and play space; our dog and chickens also hang out there. The kids and I are home most of the day, doing school and playing, but we often head over to visit the grandparents. We have a fantastic church that we are involved in every week, and a huge support system of friends and family. Both sets of our parents live nearby, and everyone in our family is so supportive! We were both raised in loving homes, and taught to love and seek the Lord with all of our hearts. That is our prayer for our little ones. We are praying for you, for courage, strength and wisdom… for this precious little one too!

    I also want to tell you how amazing of a husband and father Justin is. He is gentle, kind and compassionate. The highlight of our day is when Daddy walks in the door from work. He’s always willing to give us his time, attention and love. He loves the Lord and is always steering our family towards Jesus.

We look forward to getting to know you, and are so thankful for you!

With deepest respect,


Hello! We are Justin, Claire, and we have two children Della, and John. We are honored and thankful to have you viewing our profile. Our little family is so excited to grow through the blessing of adoption.

Facts About Our Family

# of Pets:4
Pets:We live on a small farm so we actually have a number of animals. 2 dogs, 2 cats, 12 chickens, 5 ducks and 3 donkeys. Baxter is a Terrier and Dachshund mix. So sweet and tolerant to anything our kiddos do to him. Argos is a Great Pyrenees and Anatolian mix who lives outside and keeps watch, he is very sweet and kind. The two cats are Francie and Nan they live outside and keep pests away but love to snuggle the kids on the front porch.
Neighborhood: Country
Children:Biological Children

More About Our Family

We live on a small hobby farm out in the country and love the peace and quiet. With over 30 acres the kids have tons of room to run and play outside and help with lots of gardening to be done and animals to take care of. Claire homeschools our two kiddos, Della (7) and John (4), and Justin owns his own web developing company, which is located just a few miles from our home. We are very close to all of our family, and we get to spend a lot of time with our parents, and even grandparents. Our family is often serving at the summer camp we grew up going to, and we also love serving at our church every week with the kids. We enjoy traveling and making memories with our family when we are able to, and we can't wait to grow our little family through this gift of adoption.

About Justin

More About Justin

Justin is an incredibly loving, sensitive and compassionate man. He is always striving to lead our family in wisdom by continually seeking the Lord. He works hard for our family every day, and comes home to selflessly do even more! When I know he would rather be sitting down, or working on some project in the shop, I often find him playing on the floor with the kids, or doing the dishes for me. He always lets us know how much he loves us every day. Justin is creative, smart and funny. He loves to serve the Lord, especially in children's ministry. At our church, he teaches the elementary kids every week, and we serve out at camp several times a year where he works with the kids. He can also just about figure out how to fix anything, which comes in handy. He is a wonderful dad and husband who gives his time up for his family (and others) constantly, and he is usually the first to humble himself and apologize when we've had an argument. Justin is my best friend, and I am so thankful to have him next to me as we parent our kiddos and navigate life together.

About Claire

More About Claire

Claire is an amazing wife and mother. It was while serving at camp with her that I first noticed her heart to serve and love others, she is wise, kind and fun. She is extremely creative, I’m continually amazed by her, she comes up with so many fun and creative ideas with the kids and for our home. She makes our home a warm and loving place. I'm thankful she's able to stay home with our children. She homeschools our kids and puts so much time into making it fun and unique for the kids, with a new theme each week. I have so much admiration for her selflessly teaching and caring for our kids all day while I'm at work. I'm so thankful the Lord gave me such an amazing, beautiful wife, I love her more every day.

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