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Robert and Caroline

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Dear friend, 

Oh how I have prayed for you! How grateful we are for your beautiful work: carrying a child, providing for that child, and seeking a lifetime of provision for that child. I read a book recently that taught me a spontaneous blessing in Jewish culture: “Eshet chayil!” It means woman of valor, and truly, that is what you are to me. Thank you for doing a beautiful and brave thing. I am praying that you will always strive to do things that are beautiful and brave! Beautiful, Brave One, I want you to know that what I most about my life is being a mom. It is my favorite thing. It took a while to get pregnant with my daughter Adelaide, and I found myself over and over again crying out to God and begging him to make me a mother. Now he has, two times over with precious Adelaide and funnyman Greer, and I find myself yearning to adopt with the same intensity that I felt years ago. I know this is how God wants us to grow our family, and I believe He writes the best stories. I am praying that He will provide the Beautiful, Brave One that will help Him write this story, our story. Perhaps it is also your story? 

Thank you for reading, Eshet chayil! 


Dear friend, 

I know that you are making one of the hardest decisions of your life, but I thank you for choosing life and being courageous to carry a child even when life makes it difficult. I don’t know who you are, or what you are going through, but you aren’t alone; Caroline and I are praying for you and your child. Even though we do not know each other yet, we are talking to God daily about you and this sweet baby and asking Him for your protection, blessing, good health, and much more. We have two other children, Adelaide and Greer, but we know that God isn’t done growing our family. God has been showing us for the past few years that He desires our family to continue to grow through adoption. The same heart that cares for our two children, is already being prepared by God to have new capacity to love another. We excitedly and patiently wait for God’s timing and for a new child to love and welcome into our family. 

You are loved and prayed for! Luke  

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