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Brenden and Gail

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Dear Expectant Parent:

Words cannot express how much we respect the decision you are making.  Choosing adoption for your baby is an act of unconditional love for your child.  We are praying for you that God will help you select the perfect family for your baby.

Let us introduce ourselves.  We, Brenden and Gail, are two very different people who fell in love as teenagers and have continued to love each other for over 20 years.  Throughout our marriage, we have learned to use our different talents to work together and to strengthen one another.  We have experienced incredibly happy moments, and we have faced challenges together.  From watching a romantic sunset to dealing with a miscarriage, our commitments to one another and to our faith in Christ have been our anchor. 

Both of us come from large, close-knit families.  Many of our family members, including our helpful parents, live within 10 miles of our home.  We get together with both Brenden’s family and Gail’s family at least once each month.  Our families are very supportive of our plan to adopt, and they are waiting eagerly for a new family member to love.

Our journey toward adoption has been a long, emotional, yet prayful, journey.  We have always loved children.  We always planned to have 2 to 4 children.  Four or five years after we married, we started trying to have children.  After two years, we got pregnant but miscarried.  We tried some of the less expensive reproductive medicine, but it didn’t work.  We visited Bethany Christians Services, but honestly, adoption seemed rather overwhelming to us at that time.  We saved some money and tried IVF (in vetro fertilization) twice, but we didn’t get pregnant.  The doctors could never pinpoint exactly why we didn’t get pregnant, but we decided it was time to move on.  We returned to Bethany.  Since we had been through much of the training before, we were much more comfortable with adoption this time. 

The idea of openness in adoption was probably the scariest concept Bethany presented to us, but most people who have adopted or who have been adopted say that some degree of openness helps the child feel secure and loved.  Therefore, we opened our hearts and our minds and received, not just a beautiful child, but also two warm, loving birth families who wanted the best for him.  Brett was born in July 2010.  We didn’t have much contact with his birth families at first, but since Brett turned two years old, we have had multiple visits with his birthmom, his birthdad, and both of their families.  Having relationships with his birth families will help Brett grow up with a more complete understanding of who he is and how much he is loved.

No two adoptions are the same.  We don’t expect our next adoption experience to be like the first one.  We want to be sensitive to you and work with you to develop a relationship we are all comfortable with. We know you might feel apprehensive about being open with a family you’ve never met before.  We want you to know that we’ve felt this way too.

Because parenting has always been a high priority to us, Gail stopped teaching when Brett was born in order to stay at home with him. We want to spend as much time as possible with Brett, loving him, teaching him, and letting him know he can depend on us to be there for him.  Brenden continues to maintain our rental properties and work at a construction supply fabrication and distribution center.

We enjoy many indoor and outdoor activities.  We visit friends and family.  We hike, bike, garden, cook, travel, swim, play music, and sing.  We spend most of our free time playing with our son Brett.  We take him to the park, play in our yard, or just read him books.

Thank you for considering us.  We realize that you are facing one of the most difficult decisions of your life.  We will pray for you and your precious baby.   Please know that God loves you and accepts you unconditionally no matter what decision you make.

Brenden and Gail

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