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Jake and Rachel

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Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read more about us! We hope this page conveys our excitement to become parents as well as the respect and admiration we have for you. We would love to welcome you and your child into our lives, and we pray that God uses adoption to unite our families. We plan to honor you and your wishes regarding this process and we look forward to the possibility of meeting you! We will pray for you and your baby, and that God gives you His peace, hope, and guidance in the decisions you are facing. Love, Jake and Rachel

Facts About Our Family

*The location where the adoption agency’s office is.
# of Pets:1
Pets:Dog named Margie
Neighborhood: Suburban
Children:No Children

More About Our Family

We met back in 2010 at an ugly sweater holiday party when we were juniors in college. We started dating in February 2011 and were engaged two years later in February of 2013. Ten months later, on December 29, 2013, we got married! We both agreed early in our relationship (even back when we were dating) that we wanted adoption to be a part of our future family. God adopted us into His family through Jesus, and we want to reflect God's love by growing our family in the same way. After we were married, we weren't sure if God wanted us to first have children biologically or start our family through adoption. After several years of not conceiving, God made it clear that adoption was the path we were supposed to take. We grow more and more excited about the adoption process every day! We want adoption to be something our family honors and celebrates regularly. We have several children's books about adoption that we plan to read to our kids when they are young. We also have "My First Photo Album," a soft baby book with five spaces for pictures. We are excited about the possibility of having an ongoing relationship with our child's birth family, and we would love to place photos of family members in this album to keep in our child's room!

About Jake


More About Jake

Jake is my best friend. He is really funny and I love watching him make people laugh and smile. He can juggle everything from apples to bowling pins and plays lots of musical instruments, such as guitar, banjo, and cello! Jake is the kindest, most compassionate, loyal person I have ever met. If you ask him to be somewhere at 10:00, he will show up at 9:45 ready and willing to help with whatever you need. He loves God and reads his Bible every day. I'm excited to watch him become a father!

About Rachel


More About Rachel

Rachel is my favorite person in the world. She is loving, kind, and nurturing. Rachel can make anybody laugh and is an excellent storyteller. She loves dogs and dogs love her. She can also touch her tongue to her nose! Most importantly, though, Rachel loves Jesus. Because of this and who she is, I know she will do anything to make sure our baby grows up knowing they are God's child and loved by Him.

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