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Rob and Kelly

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Hello! We're Kelly and Rob! Thank you for taking the time to view our online profile book and to learn a little more about us. We have a deep amount of respect for you and the decision that you've made to consider adoption. We feel honored that you would give us the opportunity to share our story with you. We have been praying for you for years, thanking God for your part in the story of how we would grow our family through the gift of adoption. We are so grateful that you have protected and loved your little one by providing him or her life, and we will continually pray that God would grant you peace and protect your heart through this journey. Our Promise to You - We have been praying for you and for this precious little one for years, knowing that God would weave our stories together. We will love this child with all of our hearts, and he or she will grow to have a profound respect for you and the decision that you've made to choose life and to help us grow our family. We commit to raising this child in a safe and nurturing environment, one in which they will learn to love the Lord and serve others. We will put their needs above our own and strive to instill the characteristics and values that have made us who we are today. We cannot promise to be perfect, but we serve a God who is! We will rely of Him for strength and counsel as we parent, and there will never be a day that this child will not know that they are loved beyond measure. Your love is an inspiration to us, and we intend to share that love with your baby. We will honor you and value your wishes, and we hope to have the opportunity to meet you and partner with you in this journey.

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