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Ryan and Rachel

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Dear Expectant Parent(s), We are honored and blessed to be writing this letter to you. Adoption has always been a dream of ours! As you are choosing a family for your little one we want you to know that we have already been praying for you! We are excited to grow our family through adoption and we hope this book shows you who we are. Dani grew up a moving around the country. Her Dad was a pilot in the Navy. Ryan grew up moving around as well because his Dad was an editor for various newspapers, mostly in the sports department. They both moved to the same town before middle school and met each other in High school. We were both involved on the rowing team (also known as Crew) and met there. We started dating at age 16/17 (Ryan is a year older than Dani). We both went to the same college where Ryan studied to be an engineer and Dani got her degree in Fine Arts. We both loved the college experience! We both were involved in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship where we served as leaders, Dani went to Kenya for a summer and Ryan worked for large engineering companies. We made some of our best friendships there, and focused on growing up. Ryan graduated first and started working. Two weeks after Dani graduated college we got married! We started talking about adoption when we were just teens. We knew we wanted to do more with our lives. We were together for so long and we were so young that it just seemed like a distant dream. We loved talking about the future and adoption had always been a part of that. We had our first baby a few years after getting married, and we started the adoption process not too long after that, but then we found out we would be having another baby! So now we have two beautiful kids and are ready and excited for this dream to come true! Right now, we live in a 2200 square foot home with four bedrooms and three baths. We live at the end of a quiet little cul-de-sac away from traffic and with lots of kids running around playing. The elementary school is the best in our city where Gracie goes. She absolutely loves school! Eli is in preschool close by at a church. They love him there! The kids in the neighborhood love to come to our house because we have a backyard full of fun things for kids. They all play together nicely and we are all very diverse. Ryan works as an engineer. He has moved up in the company that he has worked for for over 10 years now. He is a leader there and has a lot of responsibility. Dani owns her own photography business where she photographs weddings and families. She works from home so that she can be with the kids. Everyday Ryan heads to work while Dani gets the kids ready for school. In the afternoons Gracie does her homework, and then if the weather is nice, they all head outside to play until the sun goes down! We all eat dinner together, clean up, the kids get ready for bed and we read a book and pray. In the summers Dani and the kids spend the day at the neighborhood pool, beach or church activities. We live very simply! Ryan has a men’s Bible study that he attends weekly and Dani is a leader at a women’s Bible study that also meets weekly. We both also go to a small group Bible study every week and the kids play together in their class. On Sunday’s we go to church in the morning, and serve with the kid’s program once a month. Our church loves to dig deep into scripture! We attend their retreats and extra programs whenever we can. They love missionaries and we help support many of them all over the world. Ryan is very handy around the house and we love to do home projects, like remodel the kitchen, repurpose furniture or work in the yard. Dani still paints and draws when she is not working on photography. We love doing projects together. It is our thing! We are also very social and love being with our friends. Our favorite times are when we have friends over for a meal! At times we are very busy, but then we like to slow down and focus on being together. Our goal for our family is to be pursuing Christ first, then each other. We want to see all our kids know Jesus like we do. We value our church and community and our hearts are for missions overseas and also here in our city! We believe that heaven will be diverse with every tongue and nation! We still have a lot to learn, we are not perfect, but we do know that through Christ He will do a work in us! We are praying for you and this little, precious baby. We already love you and are so humbled by your choice to give life. We thank the Lord for you and your courage! Your selfless act will not be forgotten! Thank you for reading about our family, Dani and Ryan

Facts About Our Family

Location:Virginia Beach
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