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Scott and Meg

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Dear Friend,

 When we were engaged to be married in 2009 we talked about what our family would look like. Even then, we dreamed of adopting. In 2014 our first son, Jack, was born with a severe chromosomal disorder and we spent two days with him before he passed on to heaven. Our second son, Elijah, was born in July of 2015 and he brings us great joy!  We know that God wants to grow our family through adoption and we have been praying for the baby that will be part of our family and our story forever. We are humbled to take part in God's plan for his precious child.

Our History

We met in 8th grade and dated for a short time in high school. We were friends through college and after graduating. Three years after college we fell in love and got married! Scott works as an accountant and Meg works part-time as an attorney. We enjoy outdoor activities together - exercise, travel, and beach time. We both played Division 1 soccer in college and enjoy sports and fun competition.

We have a rescue dog, Rufus, who loves being around the family and playing outside. Our extended family is actively involved in helping care for Eli and everyone is excited about welcoming another child to the family!

More Information About Us

Spiritual beliefs and church life: We are actively involved in a nondenominational church.  Scott serves as an Elder in the church and plays drums in the worship band.  Meg helps lead the prayer ministry for the church.  We are deeply committed to loving and serving people well.

Our plans for childcare: Meg will stay home with the children.  Scott has a flexible job, so he will be home often to help as well.  We will also have Honey (Meg’s mom) available to help baby-sit. Both sets of grandparents are involved and excited to welcome another baby!

Child-rearing and discipline: Every child is a gift from God, and we will parent and discipline with the goal of showing our children how much they are loved by God and by us. 

Experiences we feel are important to provide our children: We will show our children the importance of living in a community that is committed to God and to serving one another.  We plan to provide experiences for our children that help show God's glory - whether though vacations or just hanging around the house!

Why Adoption

We feel a clear calling to adopt, as we are adopted as sons and daughters of God.  We believe a child can become part of a family through any means, and we are beyond excited to welcome another child into our family!

Adoption openness with birthparent: We are excited to be able to meet the birthparent(s) of our child, and if openness is what the birth family wants, we want to share photos and updates throughout his or her life. We are open to creating a blog, sending emails, having phone or Skype calls, or possibly in-person visits eventually.

Discussing adoption with our child: We plan to have honest discussions about adoption with our child from an early age, as we believe it is something to be embraced. We will share the respect and admiration we have for our child's birthparents and plan to speak about them with the highest regard.

About Scott – by Meg

In Scott I see a man who is seeking God. I see a tender and protective husband. Every day he makes me laugh and tells me he loves me. I see a loving and selfless father. Every day he makes Eli laugh and tells Eli he is proud of him. I see a man who wants to provide for and protect his family. I am so grateful for my best friend and partner in life.

About Meg – by Scott

In Meg I see a faithful woman who cares deeply for people. I see a patient and devoted mother, full of joy even in hardships.  Every day she thinks of others before herself.  I am incredibly lucky to have my best friend as my wife. 

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bit about us. We greatly respect you and your decision. Thank you for considering us. We will be praying for you!


Scott & Meg

Facts About Our Family

Location:Virginia Beach
*The location where the adoption agency’s office is.
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