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Timothy and Kelly

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Dear Friend,

Hello there! We hope this letter finds you well and we hope to meet you one day real soon! Tim and I are a couple that loves to laugh.  Life can be too serious sometimes and laughing helps with everything!

Let us start by telling you about Tim. Tim is a natural red head who loves his family and spending time with them. He is always quick to say something that makes all of us laugh, he’s quite the comedian! He is the godfather to his niece and it’s like she already knows to give him a hard time cause she plays hard to get (and she’s only a year and half!). He’ll go up to her and try and hold her and she’ll shake her head no and scrunch up her nose, but the moment he turns away she giggles at him! Bless his heart he tries so hard to get her to like him! Haha! Now with my family, the moment he walks in the door all my nieces and nephews flock to him because he’s the “cool uncle”. The funny part is I don’t know who wears who out – Tim or my nieces and nephews? Haha!

Now I know what you’re thinking, does Tim have a serious side too? Well I’m glad you asked, because he certainly does! Tim is great at giving advice! He could give advice for hours and I’m grateful for this because his advice really puts perspective on things. The best adjectives to describe Tim are funny, loving, caring, and thoughtful! Now I know what you’re wondering, well with such a great husband what’s his wife Kelly like? Can she keep up with his humor or advice? Well I think so!  In fact, sometimes I’m quicker with funny sayings that leave Tim speechless! Speechless you say? Yep! Speechless! Tim says my best qualities are that I’m trustworthy, have a big heart, and am a great wife. I love doing things for people; it makes me so happy to make people smile. For instance, I work at a place where myself, and two others are women and the rest are men (and we all know most men love to eat!) and since I love to bake, I take in lots of baked goods and it makes them all so happy! To me there’s nothing better than bringing a smile to someone’s day, it makes me so happy! If we won the lottery I would help out so many people, for example, I would love to go to the power company before Christmas and pay someone’s balance off so they could free up money for the holidays and in general. I also have a creative side too which involves photography and quilting to name a few! When I first started out going to college I wanted to be a photography major and open my own business up – but then I realized starting up a business wasn’t for me and so I transitioned and majored in Public Administration – where I help people, which is a passion of mine too!  

Well now that you know a little something about Tim and me individually, let’s tell you about our marriage! Tim and I met in high school math class when Tim was a senior and I was a sophomore. We quickly hit it off and 5 years later we were married! Tim and I love spending time with our family and two dogs that we love dearly! Some things we love are wrestling (we’ve even been to a live wrestling event – which was awesome!), Walking Dead show, and Disney! Yeah I know – what a variety?! Well Disney has a special part in our hearts because that’s where Tim proposed to me …. and in front of my whole family too! (And by whole family I not only mean immediate family but I’m talking aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, the whole gang!). My family and I grew up going on Disney vacations and it’s always had a special part in our lives, so that’s why Tim proposed there.

Well we hope this letter gives a good perspective on Tim and me and what we are like! We want to thank you for taking the time to read this letter and we pray we can meet you soon!

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