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Daniel and Shannon

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Hey there! We're Daniel and Shannon, and even if this is the 27th profile you've looked at, we're excited that you're taking the time to learn a little bit more about us. We've put a lot of time into this profile in the hopes that we can present an accurate picture of who we are, what's important to us, and what we have to offer an adoptive child. Ultimately, we are a couple that is deeply in love, who love the Lord, and eagerly await the day when we receive the call that we've been chosen to welcome a second child into our family.

Facts About Our Family

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Pets:Dog: Goldendoodle - Maggie Mae
Neighborhood: Suburban
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More About Our Family

WHO WE ARE: As a couple, we have been together for 9 years, having met through eHarmony. After two years of dating and engagement, we got married in the summer of 2011. Besides loving our life together as parents, we enjoy following the Mariners and Seahawks, spending time with friends and family, going on vacations, and being involved at our church. As parents, every day brings something new. We adore our lives are parents and can’t wait for the day when we’re blessed with the opportunity to welcome a second child into our family. It is our goal is to raise children who are kind, compassionate, and love the Lord. We will be there to celebrate all of our children’s accomplishments, to build them up with they’re feeling down, to step in with an encouraging word in a teachable moment, and to tell them every day just how much we love them. There will be camping trips, Christmas mornings together as a family, road trips, and evenings spent around the dining room table playing games. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for us, but we are certain that it is going to be great! OUR SON: Adopting Camden was truly one of the best things that has ever happened to either of us. We both looked forward to being parents one day, but it is far greater than we even anticipated. We were blessed to be at the hospital the morning he was born, and to spend that precious time with his birth family. We’re very thankful to have an open adoption relationship with his birth mom and look forward to continuing to strengthen it as the years go on. Camden is a joyful, spunky, happy little guy that makes everyone around him smile. He makes friends easily and loves his cousins (1 older and 2 younger); we know he’s going to love having a baby brother or sister. He’s so kind, sympathetic and loving – offering hugs and kisses to anyone that will take them! Everyday he's learning something new, and his vocabulary is constantly expanding.

About Daniel


More About Daniel

My Job: I am a Personal Lines Account Manager for a local insurance broker, and am blessed to work with an amazing team of people, and serve the community in which I live. My Immediate Family: My family is incredibly close, and we spend time with them on a regular basis. My parents are both retired, and are two of the most incredible people you could ever meet. They’ve been married for 45 years and have been a wonderful example to Shannon and me of what true love and a healthy, long-lasting marriage looks like. As for siblings, I have an older brother and sister. My sister is an elementary school teacher, and such an incredible person. She's incredibly kind and generous, and has such a heart for working with children. As for my brother, he and sister-in-law have a son (5) and daughter (1) – both adopted through Bethany Christian Services. They are also huge Seattle Mariners and Seahawks fans. 5 Things I’m Passionate About: • My faith – I’m a Christian and believe that Christ died on the cross to save me from my sins. We attend an incredible church with an amazingly gifted pastor, and I’m blessed to be a part of the men’s group. • My family – I adore my family, and cherish my life as a husband, father, and son. • Mariners/Seahawks - I love attending games whenever possible. • Christmas – Without a doubt, it’s my favorite time of the year, filled with so many great times. • Maui – It’s hands-down my favorite place on Earth. It’s so gorgeous, and so relaxing! 5 Bucket List Items: • Get an English Bulldog • Attend a Super Bowl the Seahawks are playing in • Take our children to Disneyland (at an age when they’ll be able to remember it!) • Take a road trip across the U.S. and take a million pictures of the things we see. • Attend a game at Fenway Park (Boston), Wrigley Field (Chicago), and AT&T Park (San Francisco). 3 Interesting Facts About Me: • I’m a dual citizen (American and Canadian) • My great grandfather had a ticket for the Titanic, but was late and missed the ship. • I was born without a sense of smell. No one on my mom’s side of the family can smell.

About Shannon


More About Shannon

My Job: I have been blessed with a secure and wonderful career at a Marketing Agency working with fantastic people for the almost 13 years. I started straight out of college and now I’m considered an “old-timer” – at 33! I love what I do and have found a great balance with my work and home life. It’s a generous and flexible company that allows me to take leave when I need it for doctor’s appointments, stuffy noses, fevers, or whatever else may come along. Thankfully, I will also receive a full 9 months leave at home to be with our new baby! My Immediate Family: My immediate side of the family includes my parents (married for 40 years), my older brother, his girlfriend and their adorable 7 month-old son. These are the relatives closest to us and whom we spend much of our time with. The rest of my extended family lives in South Africa where I’m originally from. We’re a fairly close-knit family that loves spending time together; especially now that there are grandchildren to love on! 5 Things I’m Passionate About: • I love dogs, including our “Maggie Mae!" I often dream about opening up a rescue place for dogs to be cared for and loved on. • I love being in God’s creation outdoors; we live in a stunning part of the country that I enjoy exploring. I hope to instill a love of the outdoors with our kids too! • Adoption; Daniel and I have spoken at a few adoption seminars and we love sharing our story • All things chocolate! I’m a sucker for a good chocolate cake! • Making and capturing memories 5 Bucket List items • Go to Disneyland with our kids • Run a 10K with our kids • Drive a big rig semi truck – no particular reason; I just think it would be really cool to try! • Road trip down the West and East coasts of the US • Take a painting class 3 Interesting Facts About Me • I love traveling and going to new places – whether on a road trip or flying somewhere • I am naturally blonde but tried going brunette for a few months – bad decision! • I’m originally from South Africa and moved to Canada when I was a young girl, then met and married Daniel and moved to Washington as newlyweds

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