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John and Heather

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We are John and Heather... Thank you for looking at our profile. :) In a nutshell, this is our story –

John and I (Heather) met on a group backpacking trip on the Washington State Peninsula. A few months later, John started coming to my salon in Seattle for haircuts (I'm a hair stylist). By his 3rd haircut, we had started dating, and within a year we were married. We really love being together. Definitely opposites in personality, but we share the same passions in life and sense of humor. We also both come from two crazy-fun, loving families, whom we adore being with. So family is very important to us.
A couple years into our marriage we discovered we were infertile. Rough news for these family-loving people who wanted to have a bunch of children together. But we are Jesus-lovers first and foremost, and believe He is a good God with a plan for those who love and worship Him. So we grieved the death of our dreams for biological children, and began asking God to guide us in our desires to be parents.
One of the things we discussed in our dating is that we both wanted to adopt at some point in our future, even if we could have biological children. So adoption has always been a desire and on our radar.  After much prayer and thought, we decided to connect with Bethany. We have a few friends who have had great experiences adopting through them and we were especially drawn to their heart and care for birth parents. So with joy, here we are!

This July marks our 7th anniversary, and each of those years have taught us the importance of open/honest communication, unconditional love, and respect for each other’s differences - plus a good dose of humor, fun, and adventure - makes for a sweet, healthy marriage. More importantly, our deep faith is vital in all that we do.

We believe in diligent work, quality education, loving and treating others as we would want to be treated, and nurturing whole body health. We've been on many exciting travels together and love learning more about this fascinating planet, and life we get to live. Greatly looking forward to raising our children to enjoy the same, while paying close attention to support their unique personalities and interests.

John is smart, patient, gentle, kind, trustworthy, playful, and funny. He loves to read, hike, bike, research, go on fun outings with friends/family, and do anything active outdoors. John works as an Insurance Agent and is the main bread-winner.

Heather is energetic, transparent, out-going, thoughtful, sassy, and free-spirited.  She loves to cook, read, be creative, play puzzles/games, create special memories and holidays, style hair, and do anything social or active outdoors. Currently she is in the process of helping her Dad start a family business, which will allow her to work from home.

Both our parents are faithful and committed to God, their marriage and family. They are fun, caring people. John’s parents are especially excited to be first-time grandparents, and Heather’s parents are just as excited with much experience under their belts, currently enjoying 6 grandchildren. We have 10 fabulous siblings between us (including spouses), who are talented people, love their families, and make the best aunts and uncles. We also enjoy being Auntie and Uncle to 1 nephew and 5 nieces.  We've included some pictures of both our families for you to get a glimpse of what I'm talking about. These people are seriously the best and a huge support to us!

As we began this journey toward adoption, I was surprised by how much more emotional I was for you birth parents, than I was for myself.  I am deeply passionate about people and their stories and can't fathom the challenge and emotional burden of choosing a family to trust your child's life with.  John and I are very passionate about life, so we applaud your choice to give your child the chance to experience life and love at its fullest.  Amazing things often come out of the challenges we all face, and they can make our stories that much richer.

I can honestly say, with every ounce of love and energy in us, we will give any child entrusted to our care, the happiest childhood and lifetime support we are capable of. We both feel that our own blissful childhoods and wonderful families have prepared us to give the same experience to our children. We are also very open to maintaining connection and a healthy relationship with birth parents, if desired.  There is so much beauty to be experienced through brokenness when we choose to look for and embrace it, while pursuing healing where it's needed.

Wishing you the very best in your pursuit of the right family for your child, and if there is something in our pictures or story that draw you toward us, we will be delighted to meet you face to face. :)

With Love,
John & Heather

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