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Ryan and Sarah

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We are grateful for the chance to give you a quick glimpse into our lives through this profile. After 11 years of marriage and after investing our careers as educators, last year our dreams of our own family became reality when we adopted our son. When the two of us met, we just "knew" we were the ones for each other. When we met our son and his birth family, we "knew" we were all meant for each other as well! We love having and being a family! We now have a charming toddler on our hands. We enter into this journey -- expanding our family again through adoption -- with eyes wide open and hearts wide open. We enjoy positive, open relationships with our son's birth families. We are raising our son to be committed to God and the church, deeply connected to family, and selflessly serving others. We are blessed to have an amazing community around us of family (11 cousins ranging in age from 2-22), friends, neighbors and church family. They are playing an active role in our son's life and in our life as parents. We have the love and the resources we need to parent another child, and are eager to connect with expectant mothers and fathers who think we may be a good fit. We have had a lot of experience with the curve balls of life - the joyful and difficult things that we don't plan for -- and we are eager to see how our stories may come together through the birth of a child. We have found parenting to be a wonderful, humbling, exciting journey and we are working hard to be intentional about the interactions we have with our son, the experiences we provide for him, the connections we help him make...all with a goal of raising a confident, respectful, loving human being!

Facts About Our Family

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More About Our Family

We met a few years after college through a mutual friend who was our kind matchmaker. When we met we just knew - for better or worse - that we were meant for each other. It was like we had always known each other. It's been a whirlwind since then as we each built our careers, went to grad school, invested in family and friends and make each house a home. Before we knew it we had been married a decade! Five things for you to know about us: We are creative We are intentional about how we spend our time We enjoy taking care of the people around us Our faith in Jesus is important to us We love kids We love our family and friends and have many traditions of how and when we spend time with them. We are blessed to have our entire family live close to us. We love time at the family beach house on a nearby island, camping with the family, celebrating holidays, and frequent drop in visits from grandparents, aunties and cousins. Here's some information from our profile to get to know us a bit better... {Our Faith} We are active in our church. Sarah is a leader in Moms of Preschoolers and attends weekly Bible studies as well. Ryan is active in men's ministries and will be taking on additional leadership in the near future. We are open about our faith with our friends and colleagues. We hope that we live our our faith in our daily life. {Why Adoption?} We love and “get” kids! We've had over a year as parents of our amazing son, and we have a strong desire to expand our family. Prior to becoming parents on our own, we were invested in children in our careers as an elementary school principal and teacher and in the lives of our precious nieces and nephews and our friends’ children. {Our Family is On Board} Our extended family gatherings are centered around children. The family has embraced our son in a beautiful way. One of the best days of our life was hosting a "reverse surprise party" where family got to meet our son on the day he came home with us. The smiles and tears were both contagious. Ryan’s side has four children under the age of 8 and Sarah’s side has six children age 15-22, with extended family that includes two young recently adopted children that everyone embraces, both children and adults. We have several friends who have adopted children both in the US and abroad and they and their children are accepted and loved by both sides of the family. {Our Parenting} Our hope is to raise our child to be a respectful, responsible member of our family and of society. We want to show our children the kind of unconditional love “home base” that supports them as they explore and navigate the world around them. We will discipline our children in a way that helps them to understand the “why” behind certain expectations and teaches them what to do differently. We work to be wise and safe as we teach our children to be respectful and responsible. {Caring for our Children} Sarah is on leave from her teaching role, allowing her to to be at home while our children are young. We have a gaggle of nieces and nephews who provide childcare as needed. Both sets of grandparents would be able to help for any extended needs, as well. {Important Experiences} We were both raised in the church, literally spending many, many hours at church. We want our child to be influenced by our church family. We plan to help our child pursue his or her interests and talents whether they include music, sports, arts, etc. We were both involved in the life of our schools and hope our child can become a leader and supporter there. We love spending time outdoors with our son and connecting him intentionally with other children. {Our House and Neighborhood} We live in a big, beautiful home with plenty of room to live, play and entertain our family and friends. Our home is safe and very clean. We live in a rural area just five minutes from an awesome small town. We chose our home because it’s so close to our family and church. The local schools are desirable, and the newly built elementary school is just a couple of blocks from our home. There are numerous parks and places we are enjoying exploring with our son -- pumpkin patches, tree farms, and just walking by the river. {Openness} We have been open with our son from the earliest ages about how he was brought into our family through adoption. We are open to meeting with you face to face, if that is something you are interested in. We will provide photos and letters multiple times per year through age five, then at the minimum each year through age 18. We are open to other ideas for contact and communication and will work to consider them with an open heart. After navigating openness with our son's birth families, we go into the process with open eyes and open hearts.

About Ryan


More About Ryan

Ryan is intentional, thoughtful, bald, creative, bold, a reader and a leader. I knew he would be a great dad because he takes good care of the people around him. Watching him with our son I see him as a hands-on father who puts our family first. He is instilling in our son a love of God and the importance of serving others. Kids think Ryan is funny (whether he is trying to be or not!) Ryan is an elementary school principal, a proud uncle, a hands-on daddy, a reader and writer, a morning person, a coffee addict, a decent cook, and a lover of music that Sarah finds terribly boring. {{Instructions: To significantly increase productivity and positive attitude simply add one hot coffee each morning and one large iced coffee each afternoon.}}

About Sarah


More About Sarah

Sarah is super creative, generous, thoughtful, hilarious, spontaneous, intentional, a gifted photographer and a natural teacher. Sarah is a great mom because she has a wicked sense of humor and a HUGE heart. She is sacrificially loving and serving our son, and puts his needs before anything else. Her heart for God and for others shines through in such a beautiful way. Sarah is a teacher at heart, an intentional auntie, a natural Mama, a furniture restorer, an adventure seeker, a hostess with the mostest, a photographer, a kid-magnet and a loyal friend. {{Warning: Sarah has crazy dance moves and occasionally bursts into song like her life is a musical. This can happen anywhere: school, grocery store, or just standing at the kitchen sink!}}

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