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Larry and Heidi

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Dear Birth Parent(s),

Thank you for taking the time to view our family's profile. We pray that you are well and that God's hand guides you through this difficult process; we are truly inspired by your bravery.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our family. We are a family of 4 – consisting of Larry, Heidi, Peyton (10 yrs. old), and Lorelei (7 yrs. old); plus, a house of pets including a dog, fish, and rabbit. We are a loving Christian family that is excited to welcome another child into our home, even Peyton and Lorelei are looking forward to having a new sibling to play with.

While we certainly don’t live an extravagant life, we do have a home that is full of love and laughter. The first thing people notice about our family is that we are a Christian family who enjoys spending time together. Our family activities include things such as hiking, baking, art projects with the kids, or just cuddling and enjoying a good book. We can also be found supporting our local sports teams occasionally taking the kids to either high school or semi-professional events. We are also athletically involved in our kids’ lives by supporting their various activities such as gymnastics, basketball, running, etc.

Yet, even amid all these activities we keep our family grounded by insisting on eating dinner together and having conversations about our day. We also utilize this time for family devotions, spending time strengthening our faith and praying together. On Sundays, our family can be found worshipping together and attending Bible classes.

As parents, we believe that we are a guide for our children. Therefore, we encourage our children in their interests and do all that we can to support their endeavors. Mostly, we desire that each of our children grows to be kind, caring, and strong individual in their Christian faith.

A little background information on us, Larry & Heidi. Our story begins in August of 1998 when we met at the county fair in our hometown in Ohio. We soon became high school sweethearts. We continued to date through our college years. In July of 2004, we were married and we began our journey together. Our marriage is important to us and we work hard to stay connected and keep a strong, healthy relationship. We have had several hardships throughout our marriage, including the loss of our first child, who was born prematurely. But despite the various obstacles our marriage has only grown stronger.

Heidi grew up on a farm in rural Ohio with loving family who taught her the importance of being kind and compassionate toward others. This compassion lead her to pursue a degree in education and serve as a special education teacher in our local school district. She teaches at the same school our children attend, giving her the opportunity to have even more of a daily involvement in their lives. She enjoys reading to the children, especially the Harry Potter series. When she is not busy teaching or reading, she can be found baking, or enjoying some time outdoors, especially in the summer. For Heidi, family is the most important part of her life and she is excited about welcoming another child into her home to love, nurture, and care for.

Larry also grew up in Ohio, in the same small town as Heidi. Larry comes from an adoptive home. When he was in First Grade, his mother married the man who would adopt Larry. Larry is a strong-willed individual whose parents instilled in him Christian values that he still carries today and imparts to his family. He was raised to be a gentleman and treat others as he desires to be treated. He was taught the value of hard-work and fatherly love by his father who always put family above his own needs.

This hard-work took Larry to college and eventually on to graduate school where he earned a degree in Pastoral Ministry. Larry serves as the sole pastor at the local Lutheran church in our community. When he is not busy caring for the congregation, he can be found serving the community at the local firehouse where he serves as both the chaplin and a volunteer fireman. His love for God and service to others is evident in the way in which he interacts with everyone. When he is not at church or the fire station, he can be found enjoying time with family or taking in a movie.

We hope this gives you a look into our family and who we are. We would be happy to share more with you and answer whatever questions you might have. Please know that we would love to be a part of an open adoption if that is what you desire and look forward to keeping you involved in your child's life long after he or she is born! We pray that you find the perfect family to love and care for your child.


Larry & Heidi

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