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Trent and Kari

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Dear Expectant Parent, Thank you for considering us as you read through our profile. We are sure this will be one of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make. Early on in dating, Kari was very honest with Trent about wanting to have a large family. Although a little nervous of the idea (like most guys), Trent was excited as well to have children. Adoption has always been something we had talked about. After over 3 years of trying to have biological children with no success, adoption became more of a reality than a far-off dream. In no way is adoption a "second choice" for us. We are so blessed that God has chosen this path for us as we look forward to the joy of becoming parents. Know that we promise to love a child with all that we are. The closest thing we are to being parents is an aunt and an uncle, and we truly and genuinely love our nieces and nephews, just as we will truly and genuinely love a child placed in our home. We also promise to provide a child with: a good education, a safe place to call home, and a fun and forgiving family. We would love an open adoption, but want to follow through with whatever you are comfortable with. Know that you will forever be a part of our family and you will be very much loved. It would be an honor to be chosen by you. You and your little one are in our prayers. We hope you enjoy getting to know us a little more by looking through our profile. With love, Trent and Kari

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Trent: I am originally from Minnesota, and I spent my first 18 years there with my mom, dad and older brother. Our extended family was spread out a bit over Minnesota and Wisconsin so we got a fair amount of travel in visiting them. My career path has been in natural resources. I have worked for over ten years with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, where I work as a Conservation Biologist. To describe this job, most of the time I tell people we encourage good plants to grow and try to get rid of the bad ones. I grew up enjoying the outdoors, and it has been great to work at a job that helps others enjoy the same opportunities. While important, I try not to let my job define me. I am first a husband, uncle, brother, and son. Being a father would come first if blessed with a child. Volunteering at church, biking, fishing, photography and writing are some of the things that fill out my time. Some future hopes that I would have for our family include: serving others, spending time outdoors together, and finding some joy in each day. Kari: I grew up in a small town in southwest Wisconsin with my parents and older brother and sister. I have a large extended family, and it was fun growing up being a part of their lives too. My occupation is the Director of Religious Education at our church. I have been at my current job for 4 years, and I work with students in grades 1-12. My favorite things about my job include: teaching students about faith in a way that is fun for them, teaching kindness and respect, connecting with people of all different age groups, going on mission trips, and being a part of a loving community. To learn more about my career, I recently started an online masters program and I'm really enjoying it. Music has always been a big part of my life. I love singing and I enjoy being able to sing at church on the weekends. I also play the piano, and for fun, I try to teach myself little songs on the ukulele. I like traveling to new places, and my goal one day is to travel to all 50 states. I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes. I am an extrovert, and it brings me joy to bring happiness to people, and I try my best to make the world a better place. How We Met: We both went to college at UW-Stevens Point, although we never met while we were in school. A few years after graduation in 2013, a mutual friend introduced us. On our first date we went to a pumpkin festival and spent the day walking around, talking, carving pumpkins, and learning more about each other. We were pretty much inseparable from that day on. Our Wedding Day: In 2015 we were married on a warm July day. Marriage has been one of life's greatest blessings to us. We love being married and being able to spend every day together. We are not perfect people, but we believe we are perfect for each other. Where We Call Home: We live in a small town 45 minutes outside of Milwaukee. It is a quiet and safe place, and we have enjoyed living here the last 4 years. Our home is a spacious two-bedroom apartment, and we hope to move into a house nearby in the next couple of years. This past summer we inherited Kari's parents' piano, which has been fun to create music on. There is a playground next door to our apartment that children in the neighborhood play on, and we have a beautiful view of the sunset from our patio on clear nights. Every summer we plant a small garden on our patio and it's fun to watch the plants and the flowers grow. In our little community, we like going on walks throughout town, visiting the farmers' market, frequenting local restaurants, going to parks, and picking black raspberries every July. In Our Free Time: We enjoy spending time in nature whenever we have a chance. We enjoy walks along Lake Michigan, hiking through the woods, riding bikes, playing disc golf, flying kites, fishing, canoeing, and just enjoying the fresh air. Living in Wisconsin, we sometimes have to brave the elements, but we've learned how to enjoy the outdoors in any weather. But, when we feel like staying indoors, we enjoy cooking homemade meals together, watching shows on Netflix, going to the movies, attending a play or musical, visiting museums, and traveling to visit friends and family. We are looking forward to enjoying these activities someday with our children.

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Kari: Trent is the most amazing man I have ever met. He is the most selfless person I know, and is always lending a helping hand, whether it be to a friend or family member, someone at church, or a stranger. I can count on him for anything. He is very responsible and he takes care of me. He also has a silly side...he whistles songs or makes up words to his own songs, and he's not afraid to get on the floor and play fun games with our nieces and nephews. Every Saturday and Sunday morning he makes me breakfast, and everyday he tells me he loves me. He has always been supportive of my career, hobbies and interests. If I happen to have a stressful day, he lets me talk things through and rubs my back. He is a wonderful role model for the kids at church and our siblings' children. I am honored and humbled to be his wife, and I thank God for him every day.

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Trent: Kari is an answer to prayers in my life. I'm sure she has been an answer to the prayers of many others too. I am so thankful that I get to share each day with her. It seems she brings joy to every place she goes. Wherever she is, there are sure to be smiles there too. I see her love for children every time we teach classes at church, babysit nieces and nephews, or spend time with friends and their kids. She has an uncanny ability to sooth fears and share in others joys that brings kids to her again and again to share their stories. She is always looking for an adventure too. Almost every summer since high school she has spent a week or more at summer camps around the country, serving urban communities and helping youth grow in their faith. Whether a chaperone, bringing her own youth group, or managing an entire camp, her love for others shines through.

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